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Friday, 28 April 2017



One resident association has excelled itself at being totally impotent in the face of the degradation of Knightsbridge.
Brompton Road now looks like a run down version of Edgware Road. 
Beauchamp Place reeks of the stench of shisha pipes and is awash with cheap little shops selling Middle Eastern clothing.
So, one has to ask what the point of the self-regarding Knightsbridge Association?
The chappie who is in charge of planning issues is the extraordinarily pompous, Edward Davies-Gilbert. 
Originally called Giddy the family quickly decided it might be best to change it. 
They even nicked someone else armorials!
The Dame's Personal Herald reports to her...
" My Dame, in the 19th century the Gilbert family were convinced that they were descended from the Gilberts of Compton( whose ever heard of them!)in Devon, and used their coat of arms, despite no connection being established."
More bizarre still is that D-Giddy has put up a Wilkipedia entry about his dreary family and their fabricated connections. It's just the sort of thing the pettily snobbish Dame might do
Anyway, enough of the pretentiousness of Mr. D-Giddy....
The real question is why has he swung the KA behind the attempted desecration of Hawksmoor's masterpiece.
The Dame suspects that D-Giddy is hoping to meet their Royal Highness's and boast of his support....silly little snob!


  1. All sorts of agendas are in play here. One seems to be RBKC planning 'losing' or misfiling objections. Despite the wide coverage of this monstrous plan since mid-March, only 14 objections have been filed, none at all in the last 10 days. Conversely the sycophants are out in force, and there are a number of 'supporting' comments.

    Good letters to the Times won't shift RBKC on this, only specific planning comments. So the Dame must encourage everyone to get out there and record their views asap. Easy to do, just follow this link:

    1. Clear The Swamp28 April 2017 at 21:22

      Very interesting to follow the concert party that has erupted in recent days. Two museums and one music hall suddenly wrote "Dear Graham" letters with words of support that have absolutely nothing to do with planning guidelines. And two stooges (a gentleman of certain age in Shaftsbury Mews who claims to use the Park) and a social climber from Brompton Road also penned little ditties.

      The trained eye easily spots these little games.

  2. I thought Mr Gilbert had passed away but it seems that the walking dead are in evidence again. The man is self obsessed in the extreme and puffs from the pedestal of the Knightsbridge Association which does little or nothing for the Borough. It is a platform from which Mr Gilbert farts. I have talked with a number of Association members who have no knowledge, and were never consulted, about Mr Gilberts support for the Palace people that he would dearly love to rub shoulders with. He thinks he has seen an opportunity to gain some brownie points with the Royals. But like all social climbers he has not found out yet that the Royals don't give a stuff about anyone except themselves. And certainly not candy floss from Brompton Road.

  3. Fly On The Wall28 April 2017 at 21:27

    Who is Mr Gilbert? We never heard of him.

    1. Not one of the A List that we look out for.

    2. Officer- what sort of comment is that! You should be ashamed of yourself for working for those that seek to socially and ethincally cleanse the Royal Borough. Just following orders, no doubt........

  4. The Dames Investigator28 April 2017 at 21:38

    Gilbert comes from a long line of puffers with a smell at the end of their noses. In 1808 his ancestor opposed the education bill because "mass education would cause the masses to become insolent towards their superiors"

    Enough said.

  5. The Davies-Gilbert family would love to think they are of ancient county stock: sadly they are jumped Victorian nobodies who have lied about their origins and stolen another family's arms. Despicable fello. One sees him parading around Kbridge as if he is a Cadogan!

    1. Struth dear fellow: NOBODY has the right to parade himself as a 'Cadogan' but the Earl himself...

    2. ....and sheep rustlers. That's where the Cadogans started.

    3. Like most British aristocrats they cloud over their early antecedents. The first Cecil was a Welshie who looked after the books in a pub.
      The Grosvenors also nicked the Scrope family armorials

  6. The Marquess of Trellick29 April 2017 at 07:30

    The Davies-Giddy's were merely country lawyers: I understand they managed some of my family estates. This fella from the KA prances around in blue jeans with a crease in them. Damnable fella!

    1. I am told by my nephew that men who have creases in their jeans are decidedly suspect....

    2. Just like Bermuda shorts in an open BMW in the Kings Road, with Laura Ashley clad wifelet. Giddy and Cllr Warrick are the perfect pair (of prats)

  7. Resident Associations need to be careful how they represent their membership. Just about anyone who wants to be an Association Chairman can self select because there is such general disinterest and apathy. Once in position these people need to avoid abusing the Office for self promotion and attempted personal gain.

    It seems, in this case, that Mr Gilbert has overstepped his mandate and is attempting to curry favour with a Royal Palace.

    Such people are easily found out and should be ridiculed. Their generally low abilities are precisely why they are not gainfully employed in more useful activities.

    Without too much searching, Mr Gilbert would have been able to find himself in a Gilbert and Sullivan Opera at his minor public school.

    1. the Giddys fell on hard times. Gilbert is a grammar school boy

  8. Is the Knightsbridge Association still functioning? Residents do not recall any meetings or other activity in recent years.

    1. judging from the above - just as well - looks like a pretty useless 'Association'...

  9. Planning Consultant29 April 2017 at 11:43

    Mr Gilbert's letter of support (see below) does not address a single issue that is relevant to the Planning Guidelines that Officers are required to consider. It should be dismissed as part of due process, unless the Officers have been complicit in a campaign to diminish objections from residents.

    From Mr Gilbert:
    "I write on behalf of the Knightsbridge Association supporting this application. As part of the on going programme of renovation at Kensington Palace this application to extend the rear of the Orangery is a welcome part of that scheme.
    The plans show a design that is both sensitive and sympathetic to its surroundings as well as functional. It will allow greatly needed back-of-house facilities without interfering with the Orangery's southern façade. We applaud the removal of the existing structures at the rear.
    As a freestanding building in its own grounds we have no objection to the excavation of the basements that form an important part of this project.
    We ask that this application be approved.
    Edward Davies-Gilbert
    The Knightsbridge Association 6 Montpelier Street"

    1. Mr Gilbert may applaud the removal of existing structures, but it is a listed building.

      He may consider that the design is sensitive to the surroundings but new basements are unlawful.

      He may consider that a major new building is "part of an ongoing renovation". I am glad that I am not married to him.

      He refers to greatly needed "back of house facilities". There is no change of use and the Orangery has functioned well as a tea house for many decades. He conveniently fails to notice that the Duke of Cambridge is due to arrive at Kensington Palace with an extended family and is looking to create more space in his grace and favour quarters by moving out existing staff and materials. The Orangery has no need of "back of house facilities"

      The public purse has already refurbished Kensington Palace for the Duke at great expense. Now the Courtiers are attempting to turn the wheel to extract even more.

    2. Well said that man (or woman)


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