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Friday, 7 April 2017


Following massive resident protest, David Graham's plan to build a mega basement under his Walton Street mansion was refused. It's all here LINK
Another Dame....

However, heads are now beginning to roll....
It seems that one planning officer, centrally involved in the entire sorry debacle, has been dismissed.

The Dame also hears the other formidable Dame, and former head of MI5, has called in Savills for some heavy interrogation.

Baroness Manningham-Buller is chair of Wellcome Trust. 
She is most horribly displeased with slimeball Savills for promoting Graham's horrendous scheme knowing it would damage Wellcome's local property portfolio. 
As she puts it to the Dame, over a cuppa, " Savills advises Wellcome so how on earth do they think they could operate in such a conflicted way?"

The lesson to be learned is needs a long spoon to sup with Mr. Graham.
He brings trouble wherever he goes....


  1. Is it true the Dame was dropped into Occupied France?

  2. An old girl from Queens Gate, the ladies of SW7 are right goers. Just look at Camilla P-B.

  3. Lord Kensington8 April 2017 at 08:24

    Savills has no place in the Royal Borough. They should be sent packing.

  4. Lets hope the old girl gives the spivs a good roasting

  5. Let's hope that there will be more action than just endless and useless waffle...

  6. Go get em gurl !


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