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Tuesday, 11 April 2017


Graham Stallwood must be desperately canvassing support for the mega basement proposed under Kensington Palace's Grade 1 listed Orangery.
His mate, Jonathan Newby of the Science Museum, has written this nonsense of a support letter on the spurious gounds that the Palace is a neighbour of the Science Museum!

Newby, deputy director of the Musum, clearly has hopes of an OBE for this grovelling piece of sycophancy
The Dame, ever aware of chicanery, notices the, "I confirm my support". 
Clearly, 'Jonathan' and 'Graham' have been having discussions on how best 'Jonathan' should couch his support.

There are 
reports staff are most unhappy with the idea of the subterranean area being a restroom for the fifteen minutes of R&R they are allowed. 
They have been forbidden to object.
Could the works also have something to do with freeing up space in KP to allow Princess Eugenie a pied de terre?
The building work will about take two years. 
Another reason for this destructive scheme is to intensify the commercialisation of the Orangery - so that more profitable private events can be held. 

Two years ago the Orangery and surrounding grounds was fenced off and closed to the public because a celebrity (sister of Paris Hilton) wanted her marriage celebrations to be held there.

To the north side of the Orangery (the rear) there is a 'wild life' area with mature trees, shrubs and many birds. 

This area would be destroyed.


  1. This is total B******S. Haven't the owners enough space and properties already . We can't build Council Houses , but we can waste public money on this . A whiff of Marie Antoinette methinks .

  2. Appalling. This is one for Private Eye!

  3. Priceless.

    So soon after the Canadian basement of the odious Graham, Planning Director Stallwood is in a panic about about more mud in his eye from the Royal basement of the Duke of Gloucester.

    In situations like this the Masons know how to scratch backs. A telephone call along the lines of: "Jonathan, we have a problem. Be a good chap and drop a line to our website giving support to the devilish basement proposal from HRH at Kensington Palace. I will make it worth your while"

    Surprised Stallwood could not find a resident (and tax payer) to do his dirty work. Seems he had to fall back on a fellow free loader, whose salary is also paid by tax payers.

  4. The Dames Investigator13 April 2017 at 08:02

    Jonathan Newby has written to the Council on behalf of the Science Museum to support the Orangery basement. This is an abuse of Office.

    Mr Newby is entitled to write as an individual to express his views. But the Science Museum is a publicly funded body and architectural opinion has nothing to do with its terms of reference. Mr Newby should not abuse his position as Deputy Director and attempt to lend gravitas to his opinion by associating the Science Museum with his letter.

    It is time for Mr Newby to become the ex Deputy Director. There is no place in our public institutions for such irresponsibility and dreadful behaviour.

    And Masons should know better.

    And silly Director Stallwood has been found out that he put his friend up to no good.

    Thank goodness for the Dame and her continued vigilance.

    1. Public Guardian13 April 2017 at 12:50

      Mr Newby has been reported for abuse of office. Lets see how long it takes the Board of Directors to act.


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