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Friday, 21 April 2017


Dear Dame
Please help us!
Cllr Coleridge tells us that we have to put up the money-making scheme to sell a street sweepers' depot to a developer "because the council is short of money". 
How can this be when it sits on over £300 million in reserves from over taxing us?
Having cleared £30 million flogging the site the street cleaning facility has been dumped on the Wiltshire Close housing estate - ignoring residents' concerns over noise, pollution and the disruption this will cause.  
Street sweepers currently have been caught on camera urinating in the Close. They congregate - very noisily - at 0600 each morning, using foul language as they shout to each other, and sweep through the area taking no care for elderly residents.  
The scheme is been rushed through by RBKC's Planning Dept. 
The Evening Standard have written this LINK

On Good Friday residents were informed by email only, of a Planning Meeting on April 25th to discuss this development, giving those with email access five working days in which to gather objections.    
Residents' store sheds will be demolished; they will lose cherished green space, and have to put up with noise and pollution in their open space.

With kind regards

A group of residents


  1. Sounds like a Cllr Mellen (Rock) scheme. Its all cracked up.

  2. Its bad enough Victorian Malrborough school being knocked down by John Lewis and pal Mike Ashley. Is this who is trying to buy the site?

    Council need to think before a general election, residents may take their anger out on Lady Borwick.

    1. Camden resident21 April 2017 at 16:21

      Why all this carping about Borwick? She is a good MP

    2. Is she? If she was a good MP she would put more pressure on the council on planning issues!

      There is not one single road in this borough which is not got a house or building under 'development' with so many parking suspension so residents can park in their own roads.

      She is more interested in her tech start ups and antique galas.

      Camden (or campden?)resident if Borwick is a good MP we'll let you list the ways.

    3. Can't park, surely!

    4. Indeed.. always around a good photo opportunity... Let's see what happens in few weeks time.. Us lot have no time for this person..

  3. RBKC residents' funds exist only to provide income for Holland Park Opera, sherry for the mayor's parlour and officer pay higher than the prime minister's. Like the poor, the old and the sick, residents must know their place at the bottom of the heirarchy. Lady Borwick is perfect for the Rotten Borough. As a former councillor she supports Horton Street and all its works without question.

    1. In respect of the elderly - Lady B, if she had any interest whatsoever in the elderly and the needy, the Stay Put little handyman service would have NEVER been stopped. With all the MILLIONS saved, surely it should have been re-activated.. However, zilch on this from Lady B. As said above, leopards do not change their spots....irrespective of environment they may be in... RBKC or HP...

  4. I think this is happening in the constituency of Greg Hands. However, perhaps Cllr EDC may come to the rescue as she defends us in her role on the Council's planning committee.

  5. NORTH BOROUGH GUY22 April 2017 at 11:39

    There are some truly pathetic comments about Victoria Borwick...
    Borwick has always been an independent spirit as those who campaigned to save Sloane Square will attest. She was 100% behind residents when the entire council including Labour were either supporting Moylan or indifferent. Here protest cost her a senior council position and Cockell, the then leader, made sure she was ostracised. This continual referencing of her title is pretty trivial. In any case, I read somewhere that Cllr Dent Coad was at one time an Hon and descends from an ultra grand Spanish aristocratic family!
    Borwick is a tireless worker for constituents whatever their political leanings.
    Most of the snide comments concern issues she has nil influence over.
    We are lucky to have, at last, an MP who does something. She succeeds others who did sweet bugger all for residents.

    1. Maybe that's because LB is pathetic. To give LB a barrage of accolades you must be her taxpayer paid Notting Hill PR.

      She does do sweat bugger all for residents though! No real detail of why she is a decent MP. We have not seen her help protect heritage such as the Kensington Odeon, Earls Court, North Kensington Library, Westway, Marlborough School (Chelsea).

      Since 2015 we have seen nothing from Borewick, no action on serious issues in KENSINGTON! Very paly with developers and the dregs of the council, LB was also slow to support Major Vickers too, when under attack from the Italians!

      If Dent Coad did stand it would be very tempting to vote for her, recently reading her help residents who were in dire circumstances due to cowboy builders.

      Unfortunately LB is very disappointing as an MP not dealing with residents' concerns about loss of local businesses, increase in business rates, empty buy to leave properties, roads full of potholes thanks to HGVs excavating foreign owners basements. LB has too long been on public payroll she has not earned that money but think she deserves it.

      What issues does LB not have influence over? She should say which, as an millionaire such as herself, if she can't lean on the council or others over residents' fears, worries and concerns then she should get out of the game and work for a charity.

      If the Dame think this an unfair statement would she be so kind to give examples of where LB has excelled as an MP (excluding Sloane Square showdown as an Councillor).

    2. FRIEND OF JAMES V23 April 2017 at 10:25

      I am a friend of the late Major Vickers. Your comment about the MP's involvement with my friend is a downright lie: you are clearly a nasty piece of work.
      Victoria took up the case of James from the outset and James was incredibly grateful. I have seen the emails concerning this case. Borwick was visiting him on a weekly basis and bullying council officers on a continua basis. You may dislike Borwick's politics but you should not disseminate lies.

    3. Borwick also worked with Notting Dale Labour councillors when residents of Grenfell Tower were suffering during insensitive refurbishment - against the TMO and the Council's indifference.

    4. Is that still going on?

    5. 11:31 What you say is true to a certain extent but when the residents of Grenfell Tower really needed Borwick's help she was nowhere to be seen!

    6. Yes, it is still going on - and Borwick is still listening to residents, as are our local Labour councillors. Cross party working at its very best.


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