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Thursday, 27 April 2017


An excellent letter from Father Robin Burgess......
Father Robin

Sir, The Orangery at Kensington Palace is a masterpiece by Nicholas Hawksmoor (“Royal couple’s neighbours in revolt against mega-basement”, Apr 26). In recent times his admirers have had to work hard to restore his rightful reputation as one of Britain’s greatest architects and to save some of his finest buildings when they came under threat, notably Christ Church Spitalfields. How sad it is that the Orangery too could now be undermined by the planned basement for staff of the palace. We look to royalty to preserve our priceless artistic heritage, not endanger it.
The Rev Robin Burgess
London W5


  1. Can there be more to say?

  2. Very strange that self styled architectural expert, Prince Charlie, has been silent on this one

  3. The Kensington Palace orangery is a site of royal history, enhanced by a rare and beautiful building by one of England's greatest architects.

    Various commercial operations are now planned on site. Kensington Palace and Horton Street seem to believe that the public will not notice the Palace turning into a Woburn Abbey style money making machine. What next; zebras and roundabouts? Or perhaps a big-dipper in the sunken garden?

    We all trust that Her Majesty will enjoy many more years of good health, as will her heir. It may be half a century before the young Duke is king. Over the intervening decades the public will form a view of him. An acute sensitivity to public opinion will prove a vital asset.

    The Duke should put his foot down. An ill-judged plan to dig a massive basement under the orangery contravenes RBKC's basic planning policies. For this reason alone it should be quietly dropped and an acceptable alternative found. In today's interconnected world on site workers are very largely unnecessary.

  4. Agree with all that, but we might be spending our time better lodging official comments on the actual planning proposal. Time expires very soon, and the number of public comments is still paltry. Time to put our views out and stop waffling. Comment here:

  5. Father Burgess has written a forceful and to the point letter. Let's hope he's listened to. Hawksmoor would be turning in his tomb


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