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Thursday, 27 April 2017


Dear Dame,
You may or may not be aware of a community-based social media site called "Nextdoor"?
Usually, the site is mainly used for posting tips on plumbers, electricians and buying/selling/borrowing thing and the like.

Anyway, myself and a number of concerned North Kensington residents have posted our views and concerns on there about the library, regeneration & Westway among other things.

When I added a few more topical posts (in regards to General & Local Elections),  I shared my views, particularly about RBKC, and also so did several others
Also, I referred to a post and video on your excellent blog  of Cllr Lightfoot and made a point about foodbanks.

Cllr Palmer, clearly overcome by the lack of support for the council on there accused me of a "smear campaign" (twice) and reported me to the "Leads" (administrators) - needless to say he didn't get anywhere and one of the Leads responded by posting a link to your post in question!!

Keep up the good work!

Kind regards,

Concerned North Kensington resident


  1. Recently there's been some excellent political debate on Nextdoor. Virtually without exception, residents are disgusted by this Council. The only attention RBKC gives N. Kensington is to steal yet more of its publicly owned assets, to hand over to the private sector. Cllr Mellen's job is to ensure that all the "poor" leave. He and his colleagues intend to socially cleanse the area, so more "nice" middle class families can move in. Council flats are being replaced by ever more empty, foreign owned apartments. New private schools replace state schools, allowing rich school kids to breathe deeply of the poisoned air off the Westway. The alleged Westway "charitable" Trust steals ever more, low priced, public sports facilities, replacing them with expensive private clubs. Year after year the area is being stripped. To cap it all, we have an MP who is unable to speak to plebs and is bent on destroying Carnival. Overall, North Kensington peasants are revolting!

  2. Presumably Inspector Clouseau is supporting Cllr Mills against Lady Borwick for MP?

  3. The only thing 'fatty'palmer is any good at is candy crush.

  4. Lord Kensington27 April 2017 at 19:29

    The gentrification of North Kensington is long overdue

  5. If there are no low income people left living in central London, who will work in his Lordship's London stables? The poor chap will be left to shovel his own sh**.

  6. Who have the Tories selected for Kensington - Victoria or Julie? Or are they going to keep it secret until after the election?


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