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Wednesday, 12 April 2017


The old Dame, perusing comments, will often alight upon one succinctly summing up a situation.
This letter of objection does exactly that: unlike the silly nonsense produced by the Science Museum.....

"I can hardly believe the amount of PUBLIC money which has been spent on preparing this application. 
It is made worse by the sloppy, illiterate and inconsistent reporting of the benefits supposedly of the scheme. 
Is everyone cowed by the involvement of a Royal Palace? 
No one is above the law. 
And the law in RBKC is subject to CL7 and the latest SPD on basements. Only if the planning department and LPA want to drive a coach and horses through their own regulations and guidelines, should this application be allowed to go any further. 
It would be a traumatic development to a Listed Building and a blatant defiance of the 2 storey rule to allow it. 
Please refuse the application at the earliest opportunity and stop this haemorrhage of public funds. 

Sent by: Patrick Hope-Falkner


  1. Where there's hope there's Falkner . Well said Patrick .

  2. This could be put to public discussion via a letter to the Evening Standard?

    1. The Dames Investigator14 April 2017 at 07:16

      The strange Russian owner of the Evening Standard is eager to curry favour with the Royals and even thinks that he is "family". The idea that he would allow Evening Standard staff to do anything that takes a contrary line is ludicrous.

      Note to Editors: Kensington Palace and the Evening Standard offices are both on Kensington High Street

    2. The owner is currently the most avaricious social climber in England

    3. Eugene Lebedev, owner of the Evening Standard, has taken over from David Tang as the Capital's biggest social climber. Before that it was Taki.......

      Dreadful people. Absolutely dreadful.

  3. Stunning to see that there is no letter of objection from the Kensington Society. Perhaps the reason for this is that the Patron of the Society is His Royal Highness the Duke of Gloucester, resident of Kensington Palace and owner of the Orangery with promised augmented profits from the new basement.

    Nothing like a Duke to reduce lesser mortals into a state of paralysis.

  4. The Kensington Society goes weak at the knees when a Royal is within one thousand paces. And a Duke guarantees total paralysis.

    Some things never change. It is the way England rules.

  5. Pathetic blog.

    1. Is that the best you can do? Matthew Palmer who just adores being called Cllr Palmer hates the Dame but cannot stop reading her!

  6. There is one rule for the Royals in K&C and another for the rest of us. Quite right. This is, after all, the Royal Borough.

    The ruling party in Hornton Street is the Royal Conservative Party. The Civil Servants are Royal Officers. The opposition is full of Royal riff raff. And it is a matter of historical regret that the opposition benches do not include a Royal Communist Party.

  7. Worried Resident13 April 2017 at 18:01

    There is still time to object to this proposal via the Council's planning website:

    Please do so urgently and save our park.

  8. Forensic Scientist14 April 2017 at 09:46

    This is a thoroughly bogus application and the "wind" is suggesting that the decision has already been taken to allow the Palace basement.

    The Council website states that "consultation ends on 28th April" and the "target date for decision is 27th April".

    Is there more to be said?

    Blue edged brown envelopes have a nobility of their own.

    1. Drain The Swamp14 April 2017 at 09:51

      As usual, Hornton Street is stuffing residents and paying lip service to consultation. "We consult because we have to consult but we take no notice of what is said".

      In other words, "We agreed to listen but not to hear" (Cllr Wheale)

    2. Boy Marshall, the polo playing Chairman of the Planning Committee who has difficulty holding down a job, has "Lebedev aspirations" of his own. The opportunity to do the Palace a favour, and maybe get an invite, will be overwhelming. We have seen how the boy behaves when the Harrods Qataris beckon.

    3. Quite so. Boy Marshall salivates. (Its called the Qatari dribble)

  9. Pavlov's dog. To be precise.


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