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Thursday, 23 February 2017


What replaces the Knightsbridge Barracks is a decision for Londoner's....not some greedy offshore developer plotting to build yet more mega towers to house the ill-gotten gains of dodgy despots and the hideous oligarch class. We have had enough of that.
Property Spiv
And we don't trust planning officers. Most no longer live in London. That, in itself, is ironic. By allowing the rampant building of luxury 'buy to leave's' ordinary salaried people can't afford C. London.

Anyway, the interests of residents and planners are no longer aligned.

Reading the Evening Standard today you can smell LINK the raw greed of the awful Cluttons and their property spiv friends. 
They relish the idea of destroying London's most beautiful vista to make multi-millions.

The sole consolation is that the excellent Simon Birkett is making it his business to do what is right for London and Londoners. 

There is no greater campaigner than Birkett. 
Imagine the power of an alliance between Birkett and Amanda Frame?

Predictably, nothing from the Knightsbridge Association, but at least we have the redoubtable Kensington Society run by the fierce, fiery and very bright Amanda Frame. 

Sometimes, one wonders what the point of the Knightsbridge Association is.
They have stood by and watched the Arabisation of Brompton Rd and  growth of the seedy and hideous Shisha pipe smoking cafes.
Frame and her KS should be a model for all other resident associations and Birkett? He deserves a K for his indefatigable service to Londoners.


  1. Another sad tale or property for the ultra rich , I hear the Candys and an Abu Dhabi sovereign wealth fund have their eyes on it and we know what that means.

    A big question , what happens to the ceremonial events involving the horses close by if the barracks go ?

  2. Rumour has it that Amanda Frame (on behalf of the Kensington Society) actually spoke at the appeal hearing IN FAVOUR of the monstrous 18-storey Newcombe Tower at Notting Hill Gate! Surely she can't be trusted on the Knightsbridge Barracks?

  3. So the person trolling Linda Wade has now begun to pick on Amanda Frame? You cannot be serious!

    1. True story. Kensington Society has lost its way. Forgotten who its supporters and paymasters are. Enjoying patronage of the developers. Introduced with a fanfare by the developers who want to build the skyscraper in Nottinhill Gate.

      A bad day for the residents of Kensington.

    2. The skyscraper decision at Notting Hill Gate is knife edge. At the Planning Appeal the Kensington Society made a strong presentation in support of the project. This probably destroyed the effort of residents to force a rethink. We will know the Inspector's decision soon.

    3. re 19:49

      and a worse day for the Kensington Society. Residents should cancel their subscriptions

  4. Replies
      A great man who cares about our lungs and our children's children.


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