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Wednesday, 8 February 2017


The Evening Standard has an excellent article which describes the chaos the proposed mega basement at the Old Court House in Walton Street will create and the damage to business and residents. You can read it here HERE
You have just a day to object to the Council. 
Please CLICK AND PROTESTon the grounds there exists a basement and the traffic management plans will seriously affect residents and endanger the lives of our children.


  1. Excellent Evening Standard article. The scale of this house is already ludicrous.

    Objections can be made till midnight on Friday. In fact RBKC will sometimes accept objections after the deadline has passed, but it's best not to take chances.

  2. Besides there already being a basement and that it would be impossible to have a CTMP, You can also add the objection that it goes against the local plan which the council has been so busy drafting and getting consultation on , as it threatens a thriving international shopping street and local businesses.

    1. The local plans and Conservation Area plans prepared by the Royal Borough are Ivory Tower, job creation exercises. They have no purpose, make no difference and are read by no one.

    2. You May be right but it is still worth throwing it back in the Planning Officers face at every opportunity.

  3. Let us not forget two of the main culprits in this whole sorry episode.
    Savills. They have the temerity to act on behalf of the Applicant Mr Graham whilst simultaneously being the managing agents on behalf of Wellcome Trust and supposedly looking after the interest of their poor tenants whose businesses may be about to be ruined. Conflict of interests - nah feel the width of my wedge.
    Wellcome Trust. So far, completely silent on the whole debacle and refusing to react. As a result, hard pressed local businesses are doing their job for them, spending time and money to protect this mega Charity’s property values.
    When the dust settles on all this, remember who your friends are. Never ever deal with Savills again, and donate your money to a charity more deserving than Wellcome Trust.

  4. Rich low lifers are even more ghastly than grubby low lifers. They pollute and corrupt those around them. Like Savills, in this case feeding off crumbs from the billionaires table.

    The conflicts of interest of Savills in K&C around the whole planning system is astounding. Even more astounding is the continued welcome that this Estate Agent is given in Hornton Street.

  5. Dear Dame,
    Has the Chelsea Society taken a view on this? Their input plus the Evening Standard is something that the Planning Committee would find hard to ignore.

    And residents could rely on a devastating and forensic analysis by the Chairman of the Chelsea Society, Dr James Thomson

  6. RBKC is in the pocket of Savills

  7. Seasoned Campaigner9 February 2017 at 09:09

    Once again the old Dame does her homework and does the legwork. And then the Evening Standard follows up the story.

    The residents of the Rotten Borough are deeply indebted to our dear Dame.

    Long live the Dame

  8. RBKC is not alone in being in the pocket of Savils. You should see what's going on in Ealing. Savin or Savile?

  9. Well done Dame in bringing this case to people's attention. I have sent off my letter of objection.

  10. Dame, where do the local councillors stand on this? We have not heard a peep.

    Is it true that local independent residents will stand against the Conservatives next year if this planning application is accepted?


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