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Thursday, 16 February 2017


Surrey County Council received a big slap in the face when it had the impertinence to ask residents to agree a 15% Council Tax increase, yet refused to consider a reflective decrease in councillor allowances.
Worse still, it refuses to close down the silly Surrey Matters magazine costing £1m a year and with just a few bored readers...a bit like our Borer paper.
Interestingly, a Surrey resident, Mr Gerald Harvard has come up with a very businesslike PETITION which should send a frisson of fear through all overpaid officers.
David Hodge, the hapless leader of Surrey is now begging government to let him have the business rates to squander.
Why is this of interest to K&C residents? Because our council may try the same ploy. 
Imagine Cllr Lightweight having control over the hundreds of millions of business rates squeezed from hard-pressed residents. 
It would be like giving driving licences to five year olds......


  1. .......... or free booze to alcoholics

  2. Are you sure Warwick is an alcoholic?

    1. I attend Council meetings and functions, watch behaviour, and draw conclusions.

      It is not rocket science

  3. I understand from reading around that the councils are already receiving a larger share of business rates hence the reason business rates in the borough will see their rateable value rise by over 100% in April. A business must pay they have no choice , RBKC state it is not their fault they do not make the bills, the Valuation office claim they make the bills based on the values that are sent to them by the councils, so RBKC are responsible for the information given which is what they feel the rent would be for a building . So RBKC have decided that most businesses if rented would have seen an increase of 110% yet they are denying they have played any part in it. They could solve this in one phone call to the Valuation Office and amend the figures they have given but they wont . They also claim such huge developments as Capco's luxury rabbit hutches have no effect on rental values or business. You can appeal it but it takes years and by then many businesses will have gone bust. Good old RBKC one wonders how many brown envelopes have passed over to this lot in order that they have rubber stamped the destruction of this borough for developers gains .

  4. Please consider spending a couple of minutes to object to the Council's plans to relocate the North Kensington Library to a new premesis in Lancaster Road.
    Below are some reasons that you might like to use in your objection:…

    1. Problems of noise/co-existence of uses without sound damping/over-shadowing/building too close to the street

    2. Removal of Chepstow School playground/NHP playground

    3. Overdevelopment of area as both schools increase in size

    4. Increased traffic as number of students increases, especially in relation to re-use of listed Library building

    5. Scale and massing out of keeping with other buildings in the street, not sensitive to context or surroundings

    6. Design is bland and not distinctive, looks like an office building, no civic presence, does not look like a library, does not relate well to context

    7. Few if any comments have been incorporated

    8. One set of toilets for children – who may be unaccompanied – and adults may create problems with few library staff on site

    9. Meeting rooms inadequate

    10. Removal of permanent IT room or facilities, this is a reduction in service

    11. Problems of childrens’ library open to the street and main library space

    12. Why only a single lift to the Youth Centre, when wheelchair and mobility scooter users attend classes twice a week. How long will it take them to get upstairs and what happens when one lift is out of order?

    13. The four-storey building is not in keeping with the character of the street and surrounding neighbourhood. Specifically in relation to the listed Library, Workers’ Institute (NHP) and Isaac Newton school building.

    1. What does this have to do with Cllr "squeak" Lightfoot?

      Libraries are out of date and not worth wasting money on. Today's libraries are called "the internet"

    2. Modern Person is fake News! Back to the swamp with yews!

    3. Not so Modern Person, keep up! The sales of printed books is increasing exponentially at the expense of e-books. Ditto vinyl v digital music.

  5. Mention of the Library is not entirely irrelevant to this thread.

    In the late 19th century the North Kensington library was built with public funds. RBKC is now closing it and leasing it out to a private school. Its replacement will also be built with public funds, adjacent to a former state school that RBKC recently leased out to another private school. Local people are right to suspect that in a few years time, RBKC will declare the new library redundant. At that point yet another publicly funded asset will be handed over to a private school. RBKC's motto has long been: "Give to the Rich and Take from the Poor."

    It's reasonable to assume that for many years Cllr Lightweight has been largely responsible for the transfer of publicly owned assets to the private sector.

  6. If the Council are attempting to seize business rates then we should check out their 'business credentials'
    Weale: let go from a small insurance broker but had her income replaced by a fat cabinet slug of money
    Dimwit Campbell: credit card removed from her by anxious hubby
    Hargreaves: Army Education Corps!
    Rocky Mellen: Not for any sort of profit property developer!
    Ahern: employed by ex wife as co sec and chief lightbulb changer
    Lightweight: jobbing economist
    Not frightfully inspiring.
    The Dame's works are a breath of fresh air. As a staunch Tory I thinks she does great work keeping an eye on some very inferior people.
    Time Paget-Brown, who's not bad started wielding the axe. He should wield it at Weale...hopeless, quite hopeless

    1. The council better file in, the Mail hav Sajid Javid in their sights again about business rates if they do not help small businesses.

      There was a time you would not see an empty shop front now NOtting Hill, KEnsington High Street, Earls Court Road, Kings Road have all have empty shop fronts.

  7. It will be a rerun of the seventies, when tumbleweed blew around shopping streets.

  8. For every empty shop there are 10 for which, although still open, the lease is for sale upon enquiry to the relevant estate agent.


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