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Saturday, 25 February 2017


Do readers remember the time your Dame 'called out' senior RBKC Planning officer, Alison Flight, for fervently kissing a member of the CAPCO team? 
Dear readers, unshocked by public shows of what should be private passion, may jog their memories HERE
It was a shocking display of immodesty by this young planning 'gal'.

Jonathan Bore, the then overpaid head of planning(all local government planning officers are overpaid: outside the confines of local government they are unemployable) claimed Alison 'Flighty' Flight did not get up to shenanigans with the Capco team-but with DP9, the brains behind the successful planning application. He was also angry with the Dame for naming officers....silly man. 
Officers are paid servants of residents. If they misbehave in public office they will be named and shamed....and let that be a warning to young Mr Stallwood!
Anyway, cutting to the chase and fast forwarding.....
How CAPCO must now wish there had been no need for Flighty to make free with her kisses: after all, it seems that RBKC's cozy relationship with the boys from Jo'burg could be the kiss of death!

By granting planning permission for Earls Court the Council has created an enormous white elephant....and possibly the demise of CAPCO.


  1. Prince William, Kensington Palace, High Street Kensington25 February 2017 at 09:19

    Interesting that Flighty claims that she is a graduate of the University of Life on LinkedIn. Can anyone go? Why doesn't the Dame send her vile nephew, Ludo there? After all, Flighty is being paid over £100k a year with not a degree to her name....

    1. Willy it is not at bad as Bi-borough Noise and Nuisance Tim Davis Team Manager whose only real experience in the real world is as a caterer.

      Pour the chablis Tim! You can afford it!

    2. For past two years N&N have been next to useless in Earls Court whether keltbray, scaffolders or local builders.

  2. This is evidence of what we've always suspected. RBKC is a fully owned subsidiary of which ever bunch of dodgy developers it's dealing with on any particular day or scheme to ruin Kensington & Chelsea. Nauseating.

  3. As I have said before RBKC the Royal Borough of Keltbray and Capco. About time the police had a good look round the files of Hornton Street and some employees/councillors bank accounts

  4. Do remember Dame Keltbray's Brendan Kerr donated £100,000 to the party and £70,000 to Liam Fox. IS this how things get done?

  5. According to a leak from the Westminster Tory Group the government is planning to outsource granting approval of planning decisions. Imagine the amount of corruption that will allow private contractors!!!


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