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Wednesday, 22 February 2017


A little flattery 

Dearest and most wonderful Dame,

Please find enclosed a screenshot of an interesting conversation, currently taking place on a site for the residents of Eardley Crescent, in which "right/wrong residents" and recourse to "private security" are being discussed.

Unfortunately, you cannot have direct access to the site itself, as you have to be invited, and be a resident of Eardley Crescent or Earl's Court. 
You could always obtain updated feeds from wonderful Clr Linda Wade, who is on the site......



  1. Reminds of one local bigwig who snootily asked if those that frequent KFC and McDonalds are really the kind of people one wants in Earl's Court.

    1. Earls Court McDonalds lost £800,000 in the first quarter of 2015 after the closure of Earls Court. Subway closed because of loss of customers. We recommend KFC & McDonalds but not Burger King.

    2. A certain councillor stated that the best thing was for the exhibition centre to be closed down as it attracted the wrong type of event and the wrong type of people to the area , same councillor asked for a police officer to be close to her building during a concert to make sure no one urinated near her flat. said same councillor sold the virtues of the development by saying in a leaflet that campaigning against the development was pointless as it was going ahead and it was too late to stop it , before the full permissions were even granted ? was said Councillor gifted with seeing the future or did she know something we all suspect , that it was a done deal. But never mind the same councillor told us all we were getting a nice new hospital as part of the development, what she failed to say was it is a private hospital , but then maybe with the type of people she wants in the area she just assumed they would all have the money to pay for such a thing and knew it would not be an NHS facility for the plebs.

    3. I am intrigued as to who this ghastly-sounding woman may be. Is Hyacinth Bucket a K&C councillor?

    4. The councillor is work shy no surprise that she is known as Cllr Inane.

    5. Anonymous24 February 2017 at 10:54, re the councillor we affectionately !!! call her Miss Sweet FA

    6. Sweet FA is standing down next year because her workload is too heavy.

  2. This is extraordinary.

    You can, by the way, see most posts on Nextdoor from nearby neighbourhoods, which covers a fairly wide area. Anyone can sign up at

  3. You can just sign up for that site and that message at present about those who can afford to live in the area and those that rent and social housing is just utter snobbery

  4. Many years ago I attended a meeting at which Col. Blimp demanded that the Council ban plebs from cycling along Cheyne Walk. Little in this life changes.

  5. My sympathy lies with the “social housing” tenants who have to live next to these socially insecure women, clinging on to their K & C postcode as they despise their neighbours.

  6. Any truth in the rumour that RBKC's Lord Snooty tendency is toying with the idea of a Trump-style wall to protect the borough's more salubrious postcodes from the wrong sort of people getting in and mass deportations to swathes of North Ken and the World's End Estate for those that cannot provide proof of a salary of over £150K, a sizeable trust fund or an account at Harrods and Ocado?

  7. No need for a wall, given RBKC's social cleansing policy. Deportations in future will be to the fringes of London and beyond.

  8. Ridhi Sharma, dear woman. How easily we become the thing we hate. Your parents and grandparents were about as welcome as a dose of something unmentionable by the great and good of the community you're now aspiring to be part of.

    Yes yes, your family Worked Very Very Hard so that you could live in your teesy little flatlet and feel threatened by people you don't like the look of.

    You and your neighbours just outed yourselves as very New Money. Old money is comfortable wherever it lives, with whomever it lives. It's a matter of confidence, good manners and breeding.


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