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Monday, 6 February 2017


The Dame was on her way to luncheon at Walton Street's Enterprise ( yes, with her noble friend, the Principessa) when she espied Mr. David Graham, billionaire mega basement magnate. 
Dave was charming a group of very deferential men and women outside his 12,000 sq. ft. mansion.
Were they from Mr. Stallwood's planning department?

So far Mr Graham and his advisors, Savills, have extracted a couple of hundred hours of the Planning Team's expertise. 
At around £100 an hour Mr Lightfoot, the Dame's financial man, calculates Mr. G has had over £100,000 of Council time....Or, to put it another way, you, the taxpayer, have given £100k to the odious Graham.
And, because of the way it works, the Council is only allowed to charge the price of the lunch the Dame and the Principessa just enjoyed...£172!  
As disgraced ex Cllr and Mayor, Barry Phelps, was wont to say, "you could not make it up'

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  1. Do not be misled by £100/hr. The Brown Envelopes come at multiples of that.

  2. This goes back to RBKC's former acting executive director of planning's shock response, when residents asked him for a fair planning system: "You mean you want a one-size-fits-all planning system?

    Residents responded "Yes. It's called a level playing field." Nothing has changed. In fact it's now worse than ever.

    Prince William ought to watch what he says, does and allows others to do in his name. Long term popularity is not a royal inevitability.

  3. Apologies. The comment about Prince William is in the wrong thread. It was intended for the Kensington Gardens story.


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