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Thursday, 2 February 2017


The Hornet's Nest is focusing on this planning application because mega basements are a major bone of contention within the Borough. The construction of these vanity projects blights entire areas; creates horrendous congestion and adds further to the high levels of pollution.
The Dame had a sad conversation with Hayat Palumbo. 
Hayat runs the uniquely beautiful Tapisserie in Walton Street. 
If the Council allows Graham his ludicrous mega basement it will destroy businesses such as this which already have to contend with sky-high rents and business tax.

In her objection Lady Palumbo says:

"My shop is situated exactly opposite The Old Court House so there is no doubt that the impact of this proposed development is going to be extremely detrimental to my small business. 
Parking will be suspended for years. What with noise, pollution, lorries, traffic disruptions, scaffolding, builders and so on. 
We already went through this in 2000. 
I didn't object at the time, despite all the problems and disruption the building site caused because it seemed acceptable that Mr Graham wanted to make a home out of the Old Court House. 
Quite why a second huge basement is now required for this house is extraordinary. 
I really hope that RBKC will listen to my concerns (and those of all who will be suffering as a result of this proposed development as well as take on board the reasons of my renewed objection."

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