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Thursday, 2 June 2016


With one or two exceptions Cllr Coleridge listens....
With Sol Campbell

In fact, of all the councillors, Coleridge is one who takes the trouble to meet up with troubled residents and hear what they have to say.

So, it was with some relief, that the Dame read his concluding comments at the end of the debate on the future of the Odeon.

"We might make it an ACV if it meets that criteria and that will have to be really carefully considered over the next 5 days. It must be done by the end of this month.
Looking very carefully at all the evidence that we have and all the evidence to be collected and to weigh it up to make the
right decision I cannot second guess the final decision because that will have to be done in the proper manner weighing up everything and writing
a proper report on it”

It is good that Tim is in listening mode and we should all be grateful for that chink of light.

When Daniel Moylan planned to turn Sloane Square into a mini Birmingham Bull Ring it was Tim Coleridge who sided with residents and said NO. 

It cost him a great deal of opprobrium and the Mayoralty. 
Oh, yes, and the other councillor who sided with residents was our wonderful MP, Victoria Borwick.

Let us all keep fighting to save the Odeon. 
It can be done.....
There is 'big money' seriously eyeing the project.


  1. look at it in a 'proper' light, make a 'proper' decision.... Let's hope that it will all be done 'PROPERLY' and open to public scrutiny. As for dear Vicki, well done.

    1. Problem is that Coleridge is incapable of understanding a brief.

    2. Untrue, obviously written by a Moylan sycophant.

  2. Moylan Is Back2 June 2016 at 09:47

    Cllr Moylan has cleared the decks at the GLA. This outstanding person of intelligence, drive and determination is now 100% available to the Royal Borough. He has put down a marker with his very sensible and informed comments about the current fuss that the Luddites are making about the Odeon.

    Beware Piggy, a fox is after your job. Kensington and Chelsea is crying out for intelligence driven energy.

  3. Let the old Dame tell it like it was..
    1. Moylan, much to the relief of all, was cleared out of City Hall
    2. His role as Aviation Adviser to the blond clown was mired in mud as thick as the planned site on the Thames Estuary. Moylan proved so inept at lobbying MP's that those who were minded to support the scheme soon changed their minds after meeting Mr Moylan!
    3. His chairmanship of The London Legacy Board ceased because real industry experts, like Stuart Corbyn, found him a nightmare and quite divisive.
    So much for the intelligence driven energy!
    No, our councillors know Moylan for what he is: a failure who tries to lead by dividing and ruling.
    And the question still remains....why, at close to 60, Moylan has never found a safe seat. If he is as clever as he thinks he is he should have been in the Cabinet by now.
    Nick Paget-Brown has no need to fear this blowhard.

    1. The Dame does not like Moylan. Why?

      No such fury as a woman spurned perhaps?

  4. I assume, now that the money from the GLA has run out he need to replenish the bank balance

    1. So back to planning? In the past it has been a nice little earner for some. But Nick won't let him near that brief.

  5. Why is Borwick getting a cheer here. She is very much have the Rifkind disease of not actually doing anything for the borough unless it is a PR jobby.

    No, see very little of what she does. If it wasn't for the Dame highlighting all these things a lot of this would go unchallenged. Why, oh why, has Borwick not reigned in the council & officers and their systemic corruption?

  6. There needs to be a public meeting regarding the planning department and their decisions where residents & businesses can voice their concerns and what they would like and expect of planning officers and committee. After all we pay their salaries and the least we expect is that they do their jobs.

    Dame, maybe you could get Bolinger to sponsor it.


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