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Tuesday, 31 May 2016


Someone assist the Dame, please.

RBKC runs something called the Architecture Appraisal Panel. 
It's stuffed with  grasping architects all pushing the interests of their developer clients.

Some questions...

1. Are Squire & Partners still members of the panel.

2. Are they still working for Area, the New York asset strippers, ripping the Odeon apart.

3. Is Cllr Danny Boys Moylan still a member of the Panel.

Why does the Dame ask these questions?

During the recent BBC London interview, Moylan attacked the Save the Kensington Odeon Group's plan as being unrealistic.
One can be certain that Mr. Squire would have been delighted by Moylan's support; after all, he wants to keep the Odeon job.
But can it be right that Moylan, so close to Squire, be intervening in what many might perceive to be a supportive role. 

If Moylan is still on the Architecture Appraisal Panel with Squire he should have kept his mouth shut.

There is a probable conflict of interest...if they are both Panel members.


  1. "The panel has been meeting on a monthly basis since March 2008 and comments on development proposals, some at pre-application stage and others after the application has been submitted. There is a pool of 24 panel members of whom 6-8 attend each meeting."

    Who are these 24 members?

    "To find out more about the Panel, please call the Conservation and Design Team on 020 7361 2573."

    1. A bunch of architects meeting in private and scratching each others' backs and providing cover for brown envelopes to RBKC planners and Councillors.

      Why are the meetings held in secret? You don't need a degree in Rocket Science to figure it out.

  2. Are any of these Panel meetings public?

  3. The AAP is more on the lines of a 'crit' with learned architects commenting on the work to date and offering comments and suggestions. The chair writes a report and this is included in the documents when the project finally goes to Planning Committee, for anyone to read.

    Planning Committee members only are invited, though in reality very few attend as it takes place late afternoon/early evening. These Councillors are not allowed to comment in any way, they are there to observe. The proceedings are confidential.

    Moylan hasn't been on Planning for some years so wouldn't be allowed to attend. This is not to suggest that he isn't involved in some other way, of course, as he has far more freedom NOT being a Planning Councillor.

  4. Squires architect is pure poison. Father and son. The youngster is the puppet of the older one. They were responsible for the Charles House development in Kensington High Street and got away with murder - see Kensington Society 2015 Annual report. Squires also got some mighty and suspicious decisions out of the Planning Department for Lancer Square - a stitch up with odious Cllr Warwick (Planning Chairman)cheering them all the way. I wonder why? And Squire now deeply involved as chief architect to knock down and rape Notting Hill Gate for buy to leave Arab and Russian investors.

    This practice is a plague on the Borough

    1. Fly On The Wall1 June 2016 at 15:22

      And a blessing for the planning pockets in Hornton Street

  5. Follower of Phelps1 June 2016 at 15:24

    Disgraced ex Cllr Phelps regrets that Squires was not more active when he was Chairman of the Planning Committee.

    BVI sheltered houses and flats to maintain.........

  6. Piglet needs to read the Kensington Society Annual report and ask some questions. It is time the Leader wised up

  7. Moylan and the Borough architects are thick as thieves (excuse the pun). He backs their off-the-wall ides and they give him Awards. Simple really

  8. The council employs members of the AAP on a whole range of projects - just so long as they give their expertise for free at the AAP

  9. Moylan Is Back2 June 2016 at 20:06

    Watch out Piggy

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