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Saturday, 11 June 2016


The Dame happened to be strolling past The Town Hall and noticed it was a hive of activity. 
The young of the Royal Borough were seen to be rushing around blowing up balloons and filling 'goody bags'.
Police Cadet Preparing Goody bags

Being a nosy old thing she stopped a young person in the uniform of a police cadet and asked what was going on.

It seems our young are not just interested in our elderly; they also want to do something tangible on an important day such as The Queen's 90th Birthday. 
That's the reason they have all turned out to ready the Great Hall for tomorrow's celebration.

Getting everything ready
Yet more volunteers
Other teams of volunteers have given hundreds of hours of their time to prepare the Great Hall for a 'Tea For The Queen'

The hard work put in will guarantee Sunday's Tea Party will be a splendid affair.

It's not just residents who have been helping. 
Local business has been extraordinarily generous by donating in all sorts of different ways to make tomorrow very special.

The Dame, being 'une femme d'un certain âge' will be attending with her companion so expect a lively account of the proceedings


  1. The Dame has entered her twilight mist. Sad.

    1. The Dame still has all her teeth......

  2. All this frothing about a tea party for an old Queen. Buck up girl, there are more important things for the Dame to concern herself with.

  3. 9:05

    I think you must be one of those horrid republicans one reads about.
    The party is for the elderly of the parish and a jolly good idea it is too.
    And, it's nice for the Dame to be nice once in a whlle.

  4. A monarch, an heir and a spare is all we need.
    Heaven help us if we became a republic and the vote was between Tony Blair and Boris Johnson for President. Get real, republicans! And any excuse for a party is good for all who live in northern Europe.

    1. This is all too much. The Dame and the old are so BORING. And a tea party is the ultimate YAWN

    2. don't forget YOU WILL BE OLD AND BORING ONE DAY....

    3. 09:48 you may not yet be old, but you really are boring

  5. Dear Dame. Have a wonderful time and disregard the awful bile dished out above... Most of them don't want to admit that they will be old one day, if they are not so already... hope the weather will hold.

    1. Fly On The Wall12 June 2016 at 10:01

      Might SAD BADGER be an ex Mayor? Enough said

    2. Disgraced ex Cllr Phelps? grief

    3. That figures, of course.

  6. Deeply Honoured12 June 2016 at 10:26

    Dear Dame
    What time is the Party?

    Yours sincerely
    A fan of yours and a fan of the Queen

  7. EDC's republican picnic is in Kensington Gardens this afternoon if you prefer that one. Jeremy Corbyn and Billy Bragg are on the guest list.


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