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Monday, 6 June 2016


The Dame has reproduced this comment exchange because it precisely demonstrates why the Conservative Group should never countenance giving Daniel Moylan any power or influence. He is a disruptive and divisive figure, as those who have ever worked with him will attest.
Nick Paget-Brown, like even the old Dame, has his faults, but is doing a good job, despite being burdened with the Triboro disaster.
Moylan specialises in whispered, mutinous briefings in dark corners.
The Dame would never suggest his mind is on income replacement.......but.....


Moylan Is Back4 June 2016 at 21:22
Cllr Moylan was overheard in a local hostelry recently talking with another Tory Councillor.

"Tell me" he said "in our challenged political and economic times, and the affordable housing crisis, what difference has Cllr Paget-Brown made? The answer is NO DIFFERENCE AT ALL. Read my lips. NO DIFFERENCE AT ALL"


  1. One Who Knows5 June 2016 at 09:42
    You are such a liar.
    The first point is this....Moylan has always been a class traitor and despises the 'lower classes'. Why now is he playing the humanitarian?
    The second is that he always claims he never goes to pubs. Try harder.
  2. Moylan Is Back5 June 2016 at 20:07
    The Belvedere?
  3. One Who Knows6 June 2016 at 08:56
    Oh, who cares?
    The guy was wasted at the last leadership election by a 12 year old called Rocky.
    Daniel needs to face the fact that at nearly 60 he's a busted flush.
    Time for retirement.


  1. Apart from all else, Moylan is noted as the most unpleasant man in London. He seems incapable of respecting anyone under any circumstances. It's typical of him that rather than mending his ways, he appears to revel in his notoriety.

    However, being noted for little more than a capacity for bullying and insulting everyone unfortunate enough to cross his path, is not a trait likely to lead to political elevation. So OWK is quite right. Unless his patron Boris becomes PM in the near future, It's time to retire.

  2. Moylan Is Back6 June 2016 at 13:15

    Seems the old Dame has got herself into a right old stew. Hornton Street better watch out. A big beast is on the prowl.

    1. A woman spurned, perhaps?

    2. We Too Have A Voice6 June 2016 at 14:38

      Old crustations like the Hornet Dame do little for life in the Royal Borough. She just deposits bile via her vile website

    3. She seems immensely well read for all that.

    4. The Dame is an adornment to this Royal Borough of ours.
      It may be bile and it may be vile, but it's delivered with great style.
      To use an expression favoured by Ludo..."get over it"!

  3. Big Beasts have better things to do with their time than attack residents who have the temerity to disagree with the "Great Man."

    Great men of 60 have careers. They may be MPs in or out of government, judges, generals, clerics, academics, artists or other professionals. They are not a backbench local councillor and less than successful businessman, with a personal reputation that's long been down the pan.

  4. Moylan Is Back6 June 2016 at 14:28

    13.32 sounds like one of those insects that Daniel flicked out of his way when getting on with the job of modernising Kensington and Chelsea. So much potential is lost when damp squibs like Paget-Brown take the helm and literally do nothing.

    1. Moylan is Back!
      I accuse you of being Moylan's boyfriend. No one else could possibly believe the grovelling stuff you write. Face it, your boyfriend is last century's man

    2. Moylan Is Back6 June 2016 at 16:37

      I don't do boys. Religion? Yes. But not boys.

    3. Your friend does....and religion

  5. At 60 Moylan is a mere back bench local councillor. It's high time he went and made room for someone prepared to work for residents.

    Perhaps income from development is no longer as high as it once was. So it may be the councillors' £10k annual fee that ties him to Horton Street. Years ago such a paltry sum doubtless meant nothing to a Big Beast, but apparently this is no longer the case.

    1. "SIXTY"? He looks much much older

    2. Stand in for Buffy7 June 2016 at 10:31

      Old SIXTY, young SIXTY. What does it matter? It is vigour that counts

  6. Moylan Is Back6 June 2016 at 21:05

    Politics is littered with people of quality who were neglected and shunned for ages (Churchill, Disraeli,) but finally they came through and made a difference. Moylan's time has come in the Royal Borough

  7. Barry Cockell-Phelps6 June 2016 at 23:58

    Moylan is Back has a wonderful take on the sad state of Danny Boys's political life . So, from the obscurity of the back benches, of a little local authority, our great saviour will rise Phoenix like, to lead us awe struck residents to the sunlit uplands where we might see some pigs flying about in wonder. M.I.B. is not doing his friend any favours with his flights of fancy!

    1. Moylan Is Back7 June 2016 at 10:23

      Mark my words

    2. Piggy trembles in front of his mirror on most mornings.......

    3. We have marked your words....downwards

  8. Ah, something to chat about during our next dinner at the Belvedere.. Moylan, sixty? Good grief...

  9. The Dame has just deleted a comment in support of Daniel Moylan.
    The deletion was made for no other reason that it contained disgusting language.
    The Dame will not accept profanity.

  10. Dame would you be so kind to report on your well read blog about Keltbray constant drilling on a Saturday. Earls Court residents were under the impression that Saturday work was ruled out by Cllr Paget-Brown? As he went on about it so much! What is going on here?

    Are we not even part of this borough any more? We can't even get through to the Enviromental Department over the telephone! With windows and floors shaking this is all before 9 o'clock!

    We are even told that NO ONE from the department has visited the site once and not one, NOT ONE of residents' complaints has been investigated or enforced.

    With reports of subsisdance on both sides of Earls Court exhibition centre we would have thought the enviroment department would be jumping into action in case they are taken to court for sitting on their hands. This is Olswangs & Carter F Rucks bread and butter!

    We understand that Keltbray have donated £30,000 to Conservatives, this is why so many of us true blues do not bother to vote Tory anymore we are just considered parochial to want a Saturday lie in after a weeks long work and not eat dust when entering ones garden or opening ones window.

    I can say that residents are furious and will remember this going into the ballot in 2018. Stake cash on Conservatives losing Earls Court in 2018.

    With one councillor paid by Crapco & another wined & dined there is no wonder Conservatives will lose Earls Court.

    Keep the British end up Dame & Gawd Save The Queen.

    1. Just to add, as many may not know, but we have had a year and a half of this with no help from councillors or departments and especially not our MPs.

      Good to see nothing has changed from Alan Clark, Portillio and Rifkind days.

      Inaction seems to be the watch word of Kensington MPs.


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