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Tuesday, 28 June 2016


It seems our little animal readers, like Sad Badger and Mole are cogitating over the results.
Mole has been away and is now back.

Dearest Dame – imagine my talpid surprise to emerge from my warm shelter last week only to find my burrow is no longer located in Europe but on some cold unforgiving island anchored off its shores.
My first instinct was to burrow, burrow, borrow towards the continent, towards France (where I must say the worms and reputed to be covered by a  appellation d'origine controlee and be of the finest quality
y). However, I have decided not abandon my country of birth for the moment and sit it out and draw some cartoons instead which express my contempt – horror even – for the recent forlorn decision of the poor misled public.
Your servant, as ever,
Mole in a Hole
Cartoon attached.


  1. It's now abundantly clear that Boris engaged with the Leave campaign solely to advance his political career. It would serve the monomaniacal ******* right if he was forced to make the PM's weekly visits to the Queen and every week she forced him explain exactly why, not content with potentially destroying the EU, he'd succeeded in destroying the United Kingdom. One can only imagine what Prince Philip has to say about the matter.

    1. You obviously have no faith in this country, what would we have done with your type during the war, no Dunkirk spirit here.

      Shows how out of touch you are everyone knew Boris' true intentions yonks ago and the Queen is a leaver and hear she was doing somersaults when she heard the result.

      Boris has done too much damage to London to become PM.

      The "monomaniacal ******* right" you speak of are part of this country, leave was made of every type of person especially the poor.

      Whilst Remainers are all the white overprivileged, all white faces. They like their migrants white, prefer to sever all contacts with our Commonwealth who stood by us through thick and thin in two world wars. 3,000 Carribeans died fighting fascism in Europe only to be stopped from working or living in this country.

      The EU have not had their accounts audited for the past 20 years, and you want to be in this institution? You're nuts!

      Standing shoulder to shoulder with the likes of Alistair Campbell, Tony Blair, Peter Mandelson, Martin McGuiness (IRA), David Cameron, George Osborne, Milibands, Kinnocks, Will Straw, Nick Clegg, you would not let these people into your home let alone give you advice on the EU.

      Boris Johnson is a repugnant human being and has destroyed what was once a great city. He has no support in the party! Better? Good!

    2. No offense but if you believe the EU's accounts have not been audited you have made the cardinal mistake of actually believing the regular bullshit published by the British Press.

      Try to read something even remotely impartial for once, for example:

    3. Calm down dear, no need for swearing. You remainers have such potty mouths.

      "cardinal mistake of actually believing the regular bullshit published by the British Press" did not know that it was cardinal mistake to read the British press.

      MUst be a European refering to the press as British, never mind we're out of the EU, YAY!

    4. I'm British. The British Press are monumentally rubbish and have been for a very long time.

  2. Please all support

    1. Democracy was done, one man, one vote. We were all told no 2nd referendum, especially voters who wanted to leave.

      50,000 names on this were faked so why sign this? Hate Britain love Brussels bureaucracy.

      The poor are the ones who have suffered most from the EU and young black men suffer greatly from Eastern European migration.

      Please tell all of us what the EU has done for Britain.

  3. The New Yorker sums it up quite aptly

  4. Don't be silly! Thank gawd we will not be in the EU, no EU army won't have to conscript young Britons. This was the poor & disfranchised voting against the white over privilaged.

    No one can answer why they want to stay in the EU!

    1. The primary reason to stay in the EU is trade. Just as it was when we joined in 1973. That has not changed and if anything it is now more pronounced given that the EU represents a vastly larger market than the EEC did in 1973.

      For those uninformed as to the history of our entry into the EEC in 1973 a read of the relevant page at the national archives might not go amiss:

      To summarise: we did not like the idea of the EEC in 1955 and proposed an alternative which everyone else ignored. We decided not to join in 1957 when the Treaty of Rome was signed and tried to set up a competing arrangement with other non-members (EFTA). When it became clear that EFTA was a waste of time and the economic consequences of not having joined the EEC became clear we very quickly changed our minds and applied for membership. Our first application in 1963 was vetoed by the French. Our second application in 1967 was once again vetoed by the French. The French only relented and allowed us to join after de Gaulle's death and we finally joined in 1973 although in typical British fashion had buyers remorse from day one and had to hold a referendum in 1975 so as to convince ourselves that we had not done the wrong thing.

      Forty years later and it is very clear that very few remember the original economic consequences of non-membership. Luckily for those who choose to ignore history I suspect we're going to discover them all over again very shortly.

    2. Sadly whatever happens will be spun so as to suggest that Brexit is not the reason.

      Economy tanking? Businesses moving abroad? Having to slash NHS funding and raising taxes? We were going to have to do all that anyway, honest. Nothing to do with Brexit. Nothing to see here.

      In fact judging by the general honesty of the Brexit campaign it'll all prove to the EU's fault, even when we're no longer part of it. It's those dastardly Germans, don't you see?

      Welcome to the Twilight Zone.

    3. It was about trade but that seemed to lose its way, more about utter control. We buy more goods from EU than they buy from us, so a trade deal will come quicker than one with the Canadians.

    4. What "utter control"? The EU has nothing to do, and wants nothing to do, with most policy areas within the UK. Most of the stuff "going wrong" in this country, whether it be housing, job creation, the NHS or any other sensitive issue, is 99% of the time the sole responsibility of the UK government. Surely you're not expecting the EU to do out government's job for it?

      In any case when the word "control" is used it usually refers to one thing: immigration. What we want is a single market without freedom of movement. In other words a free trade area that permits the flow of goods and capital, but not the flow of people. This means that is will be perfectly fine for the likes of Dyson to move jobs to another country (because neither the money to pay for them or the goods they produce will be in any way encumbered) but that anyone wishing "to get on his bike and go where the work is" (to paraphrase a certain Tory) cannot. How is this materially better?

  5. Mole has certainly been away. Given that he chose to bury his head in his burrow rather than participate - as a good citizen should - in the future of his country he has no cause to complain. At least he appears to have accepted the democratic result of the referendum with no more protest than a whimsical cartoon.

  6. Welcome back, Mr Mole.... You have said it all. My only comment is that I will soon stop contributing towards Mr Juncker's morning cognac.
    As for food, my sette is very happy with the scraps from The Belvedere...


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