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Thursday, 30 June 2016


The Dame was promenading behind High Street, Ken when she heard much wailing and gnashing of teeth.

Looking up she espied a sobbing Cllr Moylan looking ready to leap from his balcony.
In times past, over a few bottles of Bordeaux's best, Boris had told Danny he would be rewarded for his years of sycophancy: a peerage was intimated, plus chairmanships of various quangos.
The Dame, being a kind-hearted old thing, refrained from repeating Enoch Powell's dictum that all political careers end in failure.
So, whither Danny? 
His options are fast closing down around him. 
His arrogance, at the expense of both residents and colleagues, has stymied his chances of unseating the well regarded and gentlemanly Paget-Brown.
The sole advice The Dame proffers is that Danny humbles himself. 
He then needs to hope Nick dumps the appalling Cllr E Campbell and gives him the job of looking after the vulnerable of the parish. 


  1. Group Captain B. Phelps30 June 2016 at 16:42

    Did not the old Dame suggest this would happen some weeks ago?
    She may be old, but she sure seems acute

    1. Is it possible that the email sent may have been done accidentally on purpose by Mrs Gove to put a stick in Boris' spokes.

      BoJo KoJo has ruined London making it unrecognisable as Private Eye now calls London "Dubhai on Thames" he is not right for the party he put his owns interests first. Bit like one Moylan.

      Small business now struggle thanks to increase rent and business rates down to Johnson's architects, developers and demolishers.

    2. The Dame is LONG PAST her sell by date

    3. Observer: She is like a bottle of vintage wine- there is NO sell by date. She, like the wine, improves with

    4. Quite, Sad Badger. And, if you didn't live in a smelly sette; weren't a quadruped and were odour free the Dame would have allowed you to have escort her to the Conservative Summer Party.

  2. Gove is the right man for tough times....honest, clever and without side.
    The EU is about to collapse. We should be thankful to be out of this minefield.
    Short the €

  3. Thanks are again due to the Dame for this insight into Moylan's plight. Joy unconfined. A day long overdue.

    But please do not wish this person on RBKC's defenceless, vulnerable children.

    Agreed with Pundit's comment on Gove. The right man for a complex task.

  4. Supporter of Moylan1 July 2016 at 10:04

    Gove is dust. Assassins never get the top job.

    Moylan was seen in shock after the shock Boris announcement. As were certain others who had counted their chickens before the eggs hatched. But this is politics.

    Moylan now needs to lower his sights and get back to work and make the contribution that he is capable of. Kensington and Chelsea is the natural recipient. And my goodness, his skills are needed.

    1. Fly On The Wall1 July 2016 at 10:11

      It is not only E Campbell that Moylan should/could replace with enormous benefit to the Royal Borough. Cllr Mellen (crack Rock) is another lump of dangerous dead wood that needs to be cleared

    2. Indeed... P-B should clear the Nest of all the useless sycophantic dead wood... quite a few cart loads, me thinks..

    3. Cllr. Daniel Moylan2 July 2016 at 09:30

      I am in a state of shock.
      I intend to spend a few months at my home in Thailand.

  5. This is Political Karma - it is what happens if you are nasty and brutish to people less fortunate than yourself - hope it hurts Danny Boy !


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