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Friday, 3 June 2016


L'Affaire Odeon is of such importance the Dame hopes her dear readers will indulge her. 

Guy Oliver, the driving force behind the brilliant scheme to resurrect the Odeon as a Community Asset, suggested, not long ago, that many Council decisions flew in the face of what residents actually wanted. 

He's right.
Why can't our councillors stand up for what they believe in? 

Councillors, show some independence of spirit. 
It is humiliating to be driven like mindless sheep by your Cabinet bosses.

The letter below is a poignant reminder of how much we have lost at the hands of developers.

Sold out from under us
To The Guardian

Aditya Chakrabortty is spot on that austerity is about privatising everything we own. But not only by the state. It is happening everywhere at a local level. The cinema on Kensington High Street where I saw Saturday morning flicks for a tanner has been sold to build luxury flats. 
The school I and my children attended, Holland Park comprehensive, sold half its footprint for luxury flats. 
Kensington and Chelsea FE College recently agreed to sell its site off Portobello Road, where I worked for 25 years, for luxury flats. The professional development centre I used in Ladbroke Grove was sold to a private prep school. 
Now the library I have used for 40 years, built by public subscription in 1891, will be sold to another private prep school. The Conservative-run Kensington and Chelsea council, the richest in the country, was or is involved in each of these sales and planning decisions.
Neil Ferguson, London


  1. RBKC's mission statement? Keep council tax down at all costs! The grateful fools will be too piddled on pinot grigio to notice we've let asset-stripping spivs trash our rotten dominion's architectural heritage and kill off its cultural capital.

  2. Moylan Is Back4 June 2016 at 21:22

    Cllr Moylan was overheard in a local hostelry recently talking with another Tory Councillor.

    "Tell me" he said "in our challenged political and economic times, and the affordable housing crisis, what difference has Cllr Paget-Brown made? The answer is NO DIFFERENCE AT ALL. Read my lips. NO DIFFERENCE AT ALL"

    1. You are such a liar.
      The first point is this....Moylan has always been a class traitor and despises the 'lower classes'. Why now is he playing the humanitarian?
      The second is that he always claims he never goes to pubs. Try harder.

    2. Moylan Is Back5 June 2016 at 20:07

      The Belvedere?

    3. Oh, who cares?
      The guy was wasted at the the last leadership election by a 12 year old called Rocky.
      Daniel needs to face the fact that at nearly 60 he's a busted flush.
      Time for retirement.


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