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Wednesday, 29 June 2016


Dear Dame,

It appears the already blitzed residents of Earl’s Court, currently enduring salvos of noise, dust and earthquakes from demolition works, are now to be guinea pigs. 

The Royal Borough’s Head of Waste and Street Enforcement, Cleaner, Greener and Cultural Services, (what is that?) Matthew Lawrence, has decided to put residents through a three month long ‘residential waste bin trial’.  With no consultation and one letter to the residents, whimsically dated ‘June’, he says “The Council wants to work with residents to keep our streets clean and clear of dumped rubbish.  To help combat waste placed on the street at the wrong time, we are embarking on a trial of bins on the street.”

On Monday the large industrial bins were dumped at the ends of Penywern Road, Eardley Crescent and Kempsford Gardens. Belt and braces an extra two were dumped in the middle of each road in residents’ precious parking bays.

It’s interesting that these three roads should have been chosen and not for example, Philbeach Gardens, Nevern Square or Trebovir Road where ward councillors live.

Residents in the three roads, Penywern and Kempsford Roads and Eardley Crescent, are already under enormous stress from the five and a half days a week of massive demolition activity. That demolition has taken away the nearby Seagrave public car park which used to be available for commercial vehicles; these vehicles now use the ‘trial area’ streets as free parking. Forget resident parking here, the permit free vehicles start circling at about 5pm waiting to nab spaces, safe in the knowledge that RBKC no longer fields wardens in this area after 4 o’clock.

The people who live here, pay their council tax, pay for their parking permits and they vote but they have to think carefully about driving off anywhere after a certain time for fear of not getting a space anywhere in the area.

Now Lawrence of Waste has decided to dump ugly industrial bins in parking spaces on already congested roads. There are:
4 bins taking up two residents’ bays in Penywern Road
2 Bins taking up two residents’ bays in Kempsford
3 Bins taking up two residents’ bays in Eardley Crescent
Altogether 15 bins on the roads and pavements.

These metal bins are for industrial estates rather than a residential area.

Matthew Lawrence claims the bins are for those residents who do not have access to a bin store. Some years ago selfless, hard working members of the Residents’ Associations spent weekschecking with every single household in those streets, ascertaining that they had access to a dustbin area; where they did not the landlords were persuaded to provide one. Does Lawrence of Waste know that every single household has a basement bin area for rubbish?

The problem with fly tipping is borough wide, worse in some areas than others and not determined by smartness of the area. Unpleasant, lazy, dirty neighbours are a problem for everyone. The enforcement officers in this borough are exemplary. They work very, very hard and catch a good number of the repulsive soilers but the upper echelon does not prosecute.  Instead, they send a letter to the culprits for being naughty. For years residents have asked for cameras to be focused on the known black spots but have been offered a variety of excuses as to why it cannot be done, the best being that it impinges on the ‘human rights’ of the dumpers.  However, it is widely believed that there is deep fear of the Daily Mail’s scrutiny of Bin Idiocy. Rather than slap heavy fines on the pondlife who dirty our streets Lawrence and Co have taken it upon themselves to place heavy duty bins taking up space residents already didn’t have.

Two days in the same old slugs who dump their rubbish on the pavements are still dumping it on the pavements and now on the roads and next to the shiny, new bins. Enterprising dumpers from outside the area are driving by to dump theirs too. At about 6 feet high and with a large space beneath these bins are providing excellent cover for wildlife, both foxes and drug dealers.

This ‘trial’ smacks of a serpentine route to cutting domestic refuse collections. Would it be too cynical to suggest that perhaps someone somewhere has friends whose portfolio includes The Enormous Industrial Bins Company?"


  1. Hammersmith and Fulham stopped doing this because although residents quite liked the facility so did builders.

  2. "Love The Streets You Live In" is the phrase on the bins I think time better spent curbing dumpers!

    Unfortuantely it is the visitors to the country who do most of the dumping, the department know this and do nothing.


    1. Streets are supposed to be swept everyday yet some gets swept only once a week. I think that is the problem.

  3. Since 1990, hundreds of millions of pounds. According to the ONS RBKC has 25,000 - 30,000 business, every one of which must have a waste contract. Yet RBKC and it's contractors claim to have 70% of the potential market with just 3,400 waste contracts!

    A few other waste contractors have a handful of contracts with RBKC businesses. So most of our "dumped" rubbish in fact belongs to the 20 - 25,000 RBKC businesses without waste contracts.

    And guess who is made to pay to collect it all?

    1. Very suspicious! There used to be recycling bins outside Brompton cemetery but they were taken away because of noise and dumping.

      Seems to be no logic at waste department as usual, make a big show of doing something whilst actually not dealing with the problem. Maybe the Daily Mail would be interested now, they hate waste.

      Is this due to tri borough or RBKC incompetence?

  4. RBKC Recycling is a separate, multi-million pound racket.

    All over the UK councils are paid to deliver their recycling for processing. But RBKC council taxpayers are contracted to pay the Western Riverside Waste Authority for this service.

    It's a nice little earner. The finished product is then sold on for reuse.

    If one remembers correctly, the sainted Moylan had a hand in setting up the scheme. He may still have an interest in it. Perhaps others have up to date information.

  5. And not only do the bins take up parking spaces, they will smell they are already attracting flies, they are also attracting drunks who stop and have a gander through them and as can be seen people are still dumping rubbish , there is an ironing board and a pile of bags just a few houses away as I speak. Another pile of tripe disguised as an experiment by RBKC. Meanwhile should you be a wealthy developer everything you ask for will be granted by grovelling staff at RBKC and Capcos favourite planning department.

    1. Once again the council have done it again, wasted taxpayer's money when fines on those who dump their rubbish on the street.

      The worse places in Earls Court are not these roads but Bramham, Boltons and especially Earls Court Square. It's all disgusting with dog pooh bags strewn across the pavements and also garden refuse too, which the council cut!

      Dame how much did this experiment cost? FoI anyone?

      Where are the Earls Court councillors? as usual doing nothing.

      Earls Court residents vote them out in 2018!

  6. Granted that residents and tourists shouldn't dump rubbish on the street but if streets are cleaned regularly, there shouldn't be piles of rubbish bags.
    Let's see what they say.

    1. RBKC reply:
      "The Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea is unable to provide the
      requested information in full as it is considered commercially sensitive
      by the Council’s contractor, being based upon productivity calculations.
      However, the Council has zoned all its streets as recommended in the Code
      of Practice on Litter and Refuse. No street in the Royal Borough is zoned
      lower than “zone 2”. The principal shopping streets have been placed in a
      special locally designated zone – the Z zone – to which the requirements
      for restoration to grade A standard apply at all times. Z zones are swept
      from 07:00hrs to 01:00hrs and then maintained by operatives working from
      rapid response vehicles. All other streets are swept according to need,
      but at least once per week."

  7. Here is Matthew Lawrence's linkedin

  8. Dame, hear from friend that residents are having their cars towed as the bins keep being moved unknown to them & find their cars taken away. £300 fine for residents because of Lawrence's experiment!

    But those builders illegally & double parked do not get towed or ticketed.

    This does not make sense tax payers penalised whilst illegal parkers are not!

    1. Hurricane Stevie8 July 2016 at 15:08

      To: Anonymous7 July 2016 at 15:13
      Yes it does make sense to me.
      It's 'One law for them. One law for us.'

      How to pay the parking ticket...the right way.

      From the comments:
      'you can send back private ticket envelopes with ' no contract, return to sender' on them, join the facebook page called. parking tickets my arse'

      People still paying the Council Tax? Do you know what your well earned money is spent on other than experimental rubbish bins, policing? Don't take my word for it, do some reserach how other people are successfully doing it. If you think it works and good idea, tell others.

    2. Hurricane Stevie8 July 2016 at 15:15

      Here is another one for street parking this time.
      Comments which includes success stories.

    3. How to deal with Bailiffs... just in case.
      Again, you will find tidbits in the comment section.

  9. Bins now being used to urinate on too.

    Sure this is not what Lawrence wanted to encourage.

  10. Council keep sending their people down the roads to hide the rubbish to make the project look like it is a success. Seen bags dumped at lamp posts on non rubbish days going to work.

    They all have bin areas that are HUGE waste of money & this Lawrence chap really is a waste of space.

    A leaflet explaining where to dump rubbish in different languges would be helpul not industrial binage.

    Looks like another corrupt action by this council.

  11. Do not trust the Council. They say one thing and do the other.

  12. I just saw builders damp a fridge in one of 'em bins this morning. LOL

    Yeah, there were bags on Penywern Road so clearly people dislike them. I also witnessed a driver who had to get out of the car to push it back towards the pavement.

  13. This is very costly and pure laziness by the council. They should be dealing with landlords that fail to provide adequate rubbish storage areas and the inconsiderate residents that just dump rubbish on the streets. So the pilot scheme will not doubt conclude that the ugly, smelly bins are a success and we will end up with one or two in every street in Earl's Court - it's just bizarre!

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