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Tuesday, 21 June 2016


The Dame rarely rages, but read THIS and then understand why Family Division judges are renowned as 'third raters' and unemployable in any worthwhile capacity.
Dame Hogg is a Kensington resident and thus qualifies to be in the Hornet as a woman of abject stupidity.
The Dame has written to her dear friend, Andrew Pearce, asking that The Mail launches a nationwide petition calling for the removal of this mad woman's pension and the stripping of her DBE.
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The names of putative Family Division judges are put up to the judicial appointments body by heads of chambers anxious to rid themselves of criminal or family law dross. You know, the one's struggling to generate revenue and cerebrally challenged.

No one accuses Dame Hogg of  having been selected in this way.
She is politically well connected....papa...Lord, the MP, castigated for disgusting expenses abuses.

Hogg should do the right thing and express her deepest apologies.....and then give up her pension immediately. 


  1. Well said, Dame

    1. Need to turn this one into a Hogg roast. And feed to the dogs.

  2. This is a terrible, tragic case. Judgements of any kind in cases like this are fraught with uncertainty.

    One can only hope that social services at all levels get things right far more often than they get it so appallingly wrong. We never hear about the many cases that turn out well, only when they turn into a nightmare.

    1. The Hoggs are barking. Unfortunately seems to have spread by association as well.

    2. Kerr M'Udgeon22 June 2016 at 22:37

      Tragic for Hogg's incompetence .... Hogg removed the local council from the case on the grounds that Butler no longer trusted them and engaged S4C to oversee the transition in Ellie’s living arrangements. S4C moved her to her parents on 9 November 2012, even though Hogg had allowed for more time.

      S4C was also criticised by the author of a Serious Case Review investigating what went wrong with Ellie’s care, Marion Davis CBE, for not listening enough to Ellie’s views and wishes. S4C denies this and said they had done one-to-one work with Ellie allowing her to express her views.

  3. Friend of the Dame21 June 2016 at 22:28

    Hogg has, as the grandfather so succinctly said, 'blood on her hands'.
    How this ghastly, stupid woman can sleep at night beats me.

    1. Fly On The Wall22 June 2016 at 06:22

      She was having a bad day. Some of us do. She is really rather bright. Unfortunately the family is accident prone eg husband Douglas and his moat which he absent mindedly claimed on Parliamentary expenses

    2. She is paid a great deal not to have 'bad days'. She is paid a great deal to listen to advice. She did not do so so shares the responsibility of a child's death.
      Frankly, the fact she went to St Paul's is the only evidence that she is 'really rather bright'. On the evidence, she seems rather stupid.

    3. She should give up her pension, or 50% of it, to a children's charity. Stupid, old cow.

    4. Sarah H and Douglas H are brother and sister. Not husband and wife. They do not do incest. Both are nevertheless off the wall. As usual the Dame gets it wrong.

    5. Please don't make a damned fool of yourself. You seem as imbecilic as the dear old Dame's idiot nephew, Ludo. Sarah is the wife of the expenses cheat, Douglas, who, in turn, is sister of the awful Judge Hoggy.
      Sarah is the daughter of John Boyd-Carpenter. Check your facts before challenging the Dame. And, in the piece, there was no mention of Sarah.

    6. Oh dear me. The Dame has been stirred up

    7. Thank you Dame. Every now and then the ruffians and trouble makers who sneak into the Hornet need to be sorted out. They cannot even get basic facts right.

  4. Has the petition been started yet? I'd like to sign it!

    1. No, I think just an idea at the moment....and an excellent one

  5. Used to be such a slim young gal at the Economist. Terrible what age does.

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