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Monday, 23 May 2016


So, another Mayoral Year draws to a conclusion.....
Those close to our Mayor, Cllr Robert Freeman, have been emailing the Dame asking her to emphasise how hugely successful an ambassador he has been for the Royal Borough.
He and the Mayoress have raised substantial sums for two local charities, the Royal Brompton and Harefield Hospital Charity and the Royal Marsden Cancer Charity; but, just as importantly, have found the time to support a whole range of civic activities.
Mayors can go through the tired motions or pour their heart, intelligence, charm and wit into the role. 
Cllr Freeman and the Mayoress did the latter.
With Emily Maitlis

But no mayor of the Royal Borough can be successful unless they have two powerful ingredients.
Our current mayor was blessed with the support of his much-loved wife, Elizabeth.

Tribute should also be paid to Cllr Rossi, the Deputy Mayor. And we should not overlook the man who keeps the whole show 'on the road', the estimable, Jim Babbington. 
Jim is the Mayoral Private Secretary with a wonderful sideline in brilliant talks on Borough history.
Well done, to all of you. You have done the Royal Borough proud.


  1. The best leader we never had

  2. Definitely a huge success - the incoming pair won't be able to match them in any way, shape or form.

  3. So why was Freeman kept on the sidelines for years? One of the best brains on the Council, yet out of jealous fury Pooter Cockell, a brain dead ex failed fag salesman refused him any office of note. That's local Gov for you!

  4. humbug - pure humbug

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Struth.... please explain yourself or are you yet another one of the itinerant anonymous twits who claim all the stuff on here is crap?

  5. A big improvement on the Condon Simmonds woman's mayoralty


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