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Saturday, 7 May 2016


The Dame has been humbled by the commitment of the team striving to save our much loved Odeon. 
How often do we hear residents say, "but what can we do.....?"

The Dame says, "you can do something...just click HERE 
Just take a couple of seconds and click 
We are now just 20 signatures shy of the magic 1500 we need....
Please sign and, as importantly, send the link to friends and organisations you may have contacts with.
Join the hundreds of residents determined to persuade our council to do something brave and community spirited by making our Odeon an asset of community value; not just for this generation, but those to come.

In just a few days hundreds of residents have rallied to the cause.
The race is now on to halt a NewYork based asset grasper wrecking an architectural and historical gem. 

1 comment:

  1. Great work Dame over 1,500 signatures.

    Well done to those working together trying to preserve our borough heritage which over the past year have disappeared in a flash.

    Saw this petition circulating on the twittersphere.

    Well Done everyone!


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