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Thursday, 26 May 2016


Dear Dame

May I most respectfully request that you reproduce these pictures of our Mayor at Chelsea Flower Show.
How's Pooter?
I happened to have been there with my old Box Brownie camera and caught the Mayor having an animated conversation with both P. Harry and Duchess K.
A question we should all be asking ourselves is this.

Why on earth did we residents ever permit Cllr Freeman to be sidelined for his entire career on the Council? 
It's an utter disgrace that one of the most talented and accomplished of men was never effectively used.
Charmed by the Mayor

Ex Cllr Cockell has much to answer for. 
He deprived residents of the Royal Borough of a 'man for all seasons' simply out of petty jealousy.
Could we have a competition for a caption guessing what Harry might be saying to the Mayor?

Here ends my rant, dear Dame. 
I was surprised not to see you mingling with the great and the good......

Kindest Regards

An Admirer


  1. Sorry, whoever you are. What about Victoria Borwick? She was banished by Pooter and pals too. Maybe she wasn't a mason....

    1. Borwick is wherever a camera opportunity is. Is she assisting those at Silchester estates. Thought not.

    2. What a fatuous comment! You are just a Labour big wig stirring it up. No one works harder for all her constituents. Go and slake you bile elsewhere.

  2. P. Harry....'How is Pooter'
    Cllr. F 'Short and Fat'

  3. Is Freeman handing out baubles to the Hornet?

  4. Anonymous 13:06: I see sour grapes here...
    as for our Dame not being at the Show: how do you know. When she taken off those huge specs, she does look different, you know...if you have access to the Guest List on 'the day', surely you will find her name....

  5. sad sick blog

  6. It is a sad state of affairs when one in the service to the public must be a Freemason to succeed in this kind of life.... making sure that those of his ilk(Freemasons) are seen to and satisfied first, at a cost to the population of the Borough...Scandalous, but that's how it is, until you dear humans do something about it.....
    Mr Freeman may have been a 'Free man', but not a 'Freemason'....hence being sidelines by so many ghastly Freemasons.


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