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Friday, 13 May 2016


Why have developers been allowed so much control over London's once magnificent skyline?
It's a question many ask. 
Blots on the Landscape
A powerful group are petitioning Mayor Khan to impose a six-month ban on the construction of ANY building over twenty stories high.
There is great sense behind their plea. 
It gives Londoners the chance to get involved in a city-wide debate on how 'their London' will look in the years to come.

Looking eastwards down the Thames a once fine vista is marred by gross and graceless 'show off' skyscrapers.

Londoners are outraged by the huge number of poor quality skyscrapers littering the London skyline. 
Too many world-wide cities have become totally "generic", buried in steel and glass, obliterating forever their distinct identity: Londoners don't want their city going that way.
The organisers say, "London is at a watershed:  with 436 towers in the pipeline, it might already be too late. 
Please help us give the London we know the chance of pulling back from the abyss."

Here is the PETITION 
Please do sign it.
Don't let greedy developers, aided and abetted by their equally grasping architects, ruin our city forever.


  1. I have signed. Come on, do likewise. A thorough review of Boris' legacy is needed... Or we will end up like Hong Kong...

    1. Signed and shared. Our city is just a shell now. Empty flats, empty city, playground for the Europeans, Russians and Asians.

      HEaring from Kensington and Chelsea shop keepers not expecting to make it through the year due to high rents and business rates, few customers due to high house prices, regular Londoner forced out to the burbs.

      Drove through Earls Court all I see now is Estate Agents.

      The real problem is the Council unwilling to assist residents and shop keepers. Where is Lady Borwick, see no action from her?

      Probably too busy with her antiques.

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