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Saturday, 28 May 2016


Tens of thousands signed a petition demanding the historic Art Deco Odeon Cinema be saved for posterity. 
Many will have been Tory voters. 
How insulted they must felt as they watched councillors sneering at the idea of saving the Odeon as a Community Asset.
It now seems the interests of certain councillors are aligned with a bunch of New York-based asset strippers. 
This BBC LONDON INTERVIEW shows the pompous Moylan in typical form and it's little wonder he's reviled by all.
The Dame is a vulgar old thing, but by dint of social climbing and some elocution lessons now moves in the 'celebrity circles'. She is very jealous of Danny's plummy tones: he would make a duke feel quite common.....

The Dame has got her gnarled and bejewelled hands on this excellent letter to Director of Planning, Graham Stallwood.
In the letter ESSA asks why Mr Stallwood's letter to Mr Oliver was undated! 

Clearly, Mr Stallwood's Dept are under orders from certain members of the Cabinet so the Dame stands corrected.
We need an answer from the Leader.

This letter from the chairman of ESSA, Anthony Walker

Dear Sirs,

I have seen the undated letter to Mr Oliver regarding the application to register the Odeon as an Asset of Community Value.  Although I was not able to attend the meeting on the 25th May I have been told by several parties that the decision was to allow until the end of the month for further information regarding financing to be made available.The letter I refer to appears to appears to be totally contrary to that decision. The fact that it is undated suggests that it had already been prepared and may have been sent off accidentally.
We consider that the reasoning behind the supposed refusal is irrational. 
We see no reason to consider the restoration or rejuvenation of the property would not nor provide substantial social benefits in the interests of the community.  The possibility of the use of this property as a Arts Centre has been welcomed by our membership and in many ways reflects the grounds of our objection to the appeal for residential development of the site earlier this year which was widely supported by both the local community and the wider community. 

While we recognise that there are many hurdles still to be overcome we do not see any evidence that they are insurmountable and look to support not obstruction by the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea.

Yours faithfully,

Anthony Walker
Edwardes Square Scarsdale and Abingdon Association


  1. Dearest Dame, can we please remember that the officers are there to do the bidding of the Cabinet/Council. The photo of the miscreant should be Coleridge/Feilding Mellen/Piglet/Moylan, NOT the Director of Planning.

    I don't wish to preach to our dearest Dame, but the finger is pointed in the wrong direction.

  2. Quite correct. Additionally, the officers are not able to respond. Let's be fair now.

  3. Is the letter legally binding if undated?

  4. I am sorry to disagree but things have changed in Hornton street, officers are the one's calling the shots. Councillors are doing the bidding of officers anyone organisation who has had dealings with Hornton street over the past two years will be well aware of this. Our idiotic councillors have lost control and to make matters worse are now ruled by Hammersmith.

  5. The council is in a mess, the tri borough has failed with many excellent & experienced staff leaving this sinking ship. This is just a fog, officers and councillors are BOTH to blame, one is suppossed to keep the other in check. None of the places being closed and knocked down should never have happened.

    Not dating the letter does point to a pre planned decision, if I did this in my job I would be told to get my P45.

  6. No, it is the councillors doing the bidding, especially the odious Feilding-Mellen and his social cleansing proposal

  7. It is the councillors doing the bidding of the officers

  8. So now what? The Council gave The Friends until the end of the month. The Friends have apparently come up with the financial pledges necessary today.

    Who looks silly now?

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