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Friday, 27 May 2016


Talk about Irish blarney!
At the EGM, Daniel Moylan pontificated on the viability of creating a community asset out of the Odeon. 
Should we take him seriously?
Not Martin McGuinness!
Where did it all go wrong?
His own property track record? 
Most uninspiring!
He's non-executive of two property funds, The Glanmore Property Fund Ltd and Glanmore Investments Ltd.

Both are utter investment dogs with a host of ANGRY INVESTORS unable to liquidate their investments.
The graph makes very unhappy viewing in a decade of exponential growth in property values

The Moylan Touch: Glanmore-blue line against
                       global market in red!

Moylan's other Johnson sponsored excursion into the property world was short lived.
His chairmanship of the London Legacy Development Corporation lasted just sixteen weeks!

The excuse was that he was required to promote Johnson's 'dead duck' idea of an airport in the duck infested reaches of the Thames Estuary: an excuse with no wings.

The Dame was chatting to a fellow board member with years of success in property. 
Why did he give the old thing a wry smile when asked the real reason for Daniel's short-lived tenure?
Another example of Moylan's total inability to work with people?
Daniel's hopes of more preferment from Johnson look dashed.
Johnson is, politically, a dead man walking......

Beware councillors....Moylan back and needs a job!
He will be a disruptive force for bad.


  1. So where does all his money come from Dame? Mystified.

  2. Do you mean the luxurious 7 bedroom £2.8 million 'villa' in Thailand? None of your business...and stop your insinuations. Danny is very litigious and a letter from Carter F****k U will be on its way

  3. Can the Dame make abundantly clear that defamatory remarks will not be tolerated. Those having had the dubious pleasure of meeting this pompous and bullying oaf will know that he is driven only by serving the community. No greater example of self sacrifice exists.

  4. Lots of questions remain about the overseas registered property portfolios of some of the councillors who were once the person in charge of planning in RBKC. Can we ever hope that Cameron's half-hearted promise to investigate these will ever be realised and these people brought to book?

  5. Well the Cabinet has been half asleep for the past couple of years - apart from those with an Agenda for Change (Rock FM) who is ripping the borough apart with his vile plan to 'uplift' (gentrify/monetise) every last corner.

    The worst outcome would be a Moylan/FM alliance. Moylan of course has (earned but don't ask how) money but is bored, FM has money (unearned) and everything to prove. Ghastly prospect.

  6. As a reminder of how not to run a Council, early 21st-C style, how about we bury various Hornton St horrors in a time capsule under the Odeon High St Ken, hopefully soon to be the ACV residents want thanks to more switched-on councillors' efforts? A suitably Hitchcockian fate for a gang of grubby chancers. The stench from the drains won't be pretty but we'll happily hold our noses as we walk by.

  7. Daniel has an eye for pretty young lads like Rocky

    1. 'Pretty/ young'? Should have gone to Specsavers!

  8. Some odd things have been occurring in the borough.

    With the council refusing residential use of 18 Britten street and supporting the use of Odeon as community asset (irony that money can be found for Holland Park Opera but not Kensinton Odeon).

    The fall in chinese market last year, fewer foreign buyers and investors in the 'London market' especially in new builds, house prices falling means the council have finally realised the bubble is bursting. Which we all predicted back in 2014-2015.

    Cllr Warwick still illustrated his thirst for backing developers referring to K Odeon as prime real estate, can't see the wood for the trees. Would you live opposite that eyesore in front of the commonwealth institute, not I.

    Since 2012 we have lost vast swathes of our community assets: Marlborough School, Earls Exhibition Centre, Kensington Odeon, Schumi's Salon, Earls Court Post Office & houses which should have been listed.

    The council have always been on the side of the developer & foreign investor always against the taxpayer and residents, are things changing? We will see, especially with Crossrail, this may be the straw that breaks the camel's back. As so many councillors support it. With Silchester & Sutton estates in developers crosshairs, the council have to back the residents or it will be their downfall. 2018 local elections not far away now and royal residents have an elephants memory.

    1. I used to be proud to live in K&C. People flocked to it from all over the world, seeing it as a buzzy, vibrant place packed with creative mavericks, live music and exciting fashion stores Now, I'm just embarrassed: the place has had the life and soul sucked out of it, lobotomised by venal grey vampires that imagine Holland Park Opera equals cultural excellence. Geneva and Frankfurt seem exciting by comparison.

    2. Very true, 14.59, but someone has to stand for election against this bunch and mount a decent campaign. I fear that there are still a lot of half asleep voters in this borough who would vote for a monkey if it had a blue rosette on it. I totally agree with 22.32. It's all quite depressing.


  10. 08.34 has omitted a comma, it should read 'STOP BULLYING, MOYLAN'. That's more like it.

    We should bear in mind that the 'affordable' homes we are asked to support in developments like Ken Odeon are now Starter Homes. In K&C these cost £450,000 for a one-bed flat, ladies and gentlemen. This has been confirmed by the Council, not a fabrication.

    £450k, just the thing for um, err, no one.

    1. Silly anonymous at 10.14

      The Dame and her pathetic bloggers should stop pestering, abusing and bullying Danial Moylan. A Councillor of quality and intelligence and drive who was narrowly defeated as Leader of Kensington and Chelsea by Cllr Cockell (look what happened) and then again by Cllr Paget-Brown (look what is happening).

      I think is called self abuse by Tory councillors

    2. Let the facts tell the story, rather than your fevered imagination.
      1. He was trounced by a callow youth called Rocky FM: it was not a case of being 'narrowly defeated'.
      2. Moylan is an inveterate bully. The equine expression, 'he cannot take oats' is well applied to him.
      3. The story of the old King's Road Post Office has never been fully explored.
      4.His sneering, charmless and condescending manner has deservedly made him a 'hate figure'. Only imbeciles like you might find him congenial.
      5. Paget-Brown was left the Tri-Boro' inheritance. Anyone would struggle trying to fix that disaster.
      6. Paget-Brown is a gentleman: Moylan models himself on the lines of a Bostonian political thug.
      If he wants to get on in K&C he should curb his unpleasant ways

    3. A rehash of what happened to the Kings Road Post Office would be much appreciated.

  11. 08:37 we're commenters not Bloggers, get it right!


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