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Tuesday, 17 May 2016


Certain issues are of such monumental community importance they transcend and cut across-frequently trivial-national and local politics.
The saving of the Odeon, Kensington is one such. 
This is why the letter below from the head of RBK&C Governance Services is so vital. 

It opens the door for our council to debate and support a motion to convert the much-loved Odeon into a Community Asset.
If the Council support the motion there is a well-conceived plan to turn the Odeon into an engine room of creativity.
We don't need any more luxury flats, but we do need something like THIS
If you really want to show your support please try to attend next Wednesday. 
The Dame will be there: after all, she was once a matinee idol.
And, dear councillors, though this may be a Labour-sponsored request it has the support of many thousands of local Conservative voters. You should remember that.....

Dear Councillors,

The Mayor has received the attached request for an extraordinary Council meeting signed by five members of the Labour Group.
The Mayor has directed that the meeting will be held at 4.45 pm on Wednesday 25 May in the Council Chamber.  
The agenda for this meeting and for the Annual Meeting on the same evening will be issued tomorrow.

Yours sincerely,

Martyn Carver
Governance Services
The Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea

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  1. This is a classic good cause. The Kensington Odeon is a cultural asset at the heart of our community. It must remain so for this and future generations.

    As is rightly pointed out, neither K & C nor London in general need more luxury flats for absentee investors to launder other people's money. We need homes for real Londoners, so they can live and work in the greatest city on Earth. A great city needs vibrant cultural assets as much as shops and offices.

    We should all support this welcome proposal.

  2. Resident
    Beautifully put. Show some backbone councillors and support this great initiative.
    Stop being enslaved by overseas big money

  3. ...and PLEASE, this is not a party political issue! This great opportunity for Kensington deserves support from ALL Councillors - as it already has support from members of the public across the spectrum.

  4. Totally Agree, we should all be writing to our councillors, and not let them be whipped into voting against this motion, just because it is a Labour iniative, otherwise I am afraid it will be the usual Labour + Linda Wade v all the rest.

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