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Saturday, 19 March 2016


The Dame can tell the world why the hapless Ian Duncan Smith, threw in the towel.
Angry Cardinal

Not much to do with BREXIT, nor his torrid relationship with bean counter Osborne.
The reality is this.... poor, slow old Ian, was hauled up in front of the very left wing, Cardinal Nichols, and told, as a devout Catholic, he should not be part of a Government hurting the disabled. 

How things have changed...there was a time when an English Catholic got a papal knighthood for supporting Generalissimo Franco......


  1. well, that is yet another reason.... The latest is that he lost a court case at the DWP...

    1. He keeps losing court cases, and he keep appealing spending hundreds of thousands of £ to destroy disabled people. If Nichols did have anything to him then good for him. Let's hope IDS experiences some Gethsemane. He deserves to sweat blood for a good many decades.

  2. Explains everything. He has not shown any conscience about any of the other vile cuts he has previously delivered. about time he was pulled up by God.

  3. He is right when he says the Conservative party is remote from voters.

    1. Tories now in their second term. Always good to have a change after two terms. But we are in for a rough ride with the Corbyn Luddites. But worth it in the long run - a chance for the Tories to refresh and bury Boris

  4. Thumbs up IDS, +++Nichols a lightweight!

  5. Duncan Smith is a loser. Politics is a tough game and he is not tough enough to cut it.


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