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Friday, 4 March 2016


My Dear Dame
It has come to my attention via the new Silchester Residents Association website that it is not quite fair play in the "Regeneration Game". You can catch up HERE
We knew that Cllr Rock Feilding-Mellen and co at Hornton St had denied that there were any plans to redevelop the Silchester Estate right up until the letter was sent on July 3rd informing us of their consideration of our estate for their vision of North Kensington.  

This was just before the actual executive decision was made on July 16th to examine the possibilities of regenerating Silchester.  What we did not know was the contract for the consultancy to 'evaluate' the regen possibilities had been advertised in April, almost 3 months prior to the executive decision being made.  It appears it was advertised to members of the council’s framework, so not publicly.

        This is especially shocking as at a meeting of the Silchester Residents’ Association I attended where Cllr Rock Feilding-Mellen and Ruth Angel (RBKC head of regeneration) spoke, we were clear that residents would communicate with RBKC in a civilised and organised way, but expected respect and transparency in return.


Shocked of Silchester

There is a petition you can sign to help HERE


  1. RFM should never be trusted. He is a deceiver of the first order.

    1. North Ken Resident5 March 2016 at 11:38


  2. What is it with people in the north being 'expected' to behave in a civilised and organised way. Should they tip their cap when their masters pass by! Downright bloody patronising! People in the 'north' have more of a community spirit than anywhere else in the borough. Ultimately they care about their community and where they live, will question and challenge the nonsense that regularly comes out of Hornton street created by drone Officers and the Majority of Councillors from all Parties. To question and challenge is called Democracy! This smacks of (we want to manage/control the poor) don't behave like the 'thugs' who upset us over the redevelopment of Walmer Road Sports Centre and School. Just do as we say and be grateful for it. As for RFM he should not be allowed to get involved in areas he hasn't a clue about....and thats called real life. It is a complete mistake to trust anything that comes out of Hornton street they have no interest in residents until its election time, Challenge them all the way Silchester Residents Association. By the way where is the leader?

  3. Cllr Fielding (as he prefers to be known) is rubbish. He comes from a family who used to drill holes in their heads (yes, really) and he joined another family with a Title. So he is really messed up, screwed up and ballsed up.

    He is also a grasping little bugger and did a deal with Paget-Brown to get the Deputy Leaders allowance - important because he has a wife and twins to feed and has no other source of income other than bail outs from step dad.

    It is time for the Tories to put the pup back onto the back benches which will force him to find work.

  4. Transparency from Rock! You must be smoking something. The Silchester Association needs to get real

  5. Socially Conscious Capital, current net worth £600, cash £0. Quite the entrepreneur.

    1. Socially Conscious Capital is the planning advisory group set up by Fielding 10 years ago. The website promotes Fielding-Mellen as principal with in depth knowledge of planning courtesy of his planning experience in the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea.

      In the good old days people of experience put themselves forward as Councillors in order to make a contribution. The new style (aka Fielding) is learning on the council job in order to try and make money elsewhere.

      Socially Conscious Capital has still to turn a profit.

    2. Social Capital will never make a profit

    3. - ah, another money laundry then, for the parentals' ill-gotten gains.


  7. Maybe this is the source of rumours of stymied political ambitions. Everyone knows that RFM is useless. Perhaps even Piglet has grasped that he's a liability.


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