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Friday, 4 March 2016


We knew Zac was 'Peter Pan' like, but we had no idea he was also Pansexual!
Does he really think serious, gay Londoners, are going to be impressed by this sort of 'low base' electioneering?
Small wonder we despair of politicians.....

Zac Goldsmith: 'I want to be pansexual for London'
In an exclusive interview with PinkNews, Conservative mayoral candidate Zac Goldsmith has hit out at religious extremism, supported PrEP and says he wants to be p...
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  1. Surely, a pansexualist is unrestricted in his/her choices....the mind boggles.
    Is Mrs Goldsmith aware of her hubby's predilection?

  2. Disgusted of Tunbridge Wells4 March 2016 at 16:59

    Frankly, I am glad we have someone normal as our MP in V. Borwick.
    I am sure she's not a pansexualist. Maybe, this is what happens when you live in Barnes.

    1. Barnes is not in the least pan sexual. It is strictly Laura Ashley.

  3. Cllr Daniel Moylan4 March 2016 at 17:10

    Yes, I have been interviewed on several occasions by Pink News as one of the UK's most influential gay politicians. However, rumours that I advised the candidate to admit to pansexuality are quite untrue. If the Dame(who is probably pansexual) makes any more imputations of this sort she will be hearing from my lawyers.

    1. No one should take "8 days a week Moylan" seriously

  4. Admirer of the Dame4 March 2016 at 17:26

    Did he really not prepare an outlandish statement like that before being interviewed by Pink News? I think it's a deliberate attempt to be 'all things to all people'.

    Don't worry the Dame will sniff him out, her gay/trans/pan-(ra)dar are exquisitely tuned.

  5. His PR team told him: 'Well you have no personality whatever. Khan is much cleverer than you, but you are better looking (if you like that sort of thing). There's only one way you are going to be more popular than Boris Johnson.

    Cough, cough, we were wondering if you'd be willing to ...'

    The rest is history.

  6. What actually happened at the PR Brainstorm was this.
    As Khan has the Muslim vote signed up and gays aren't going to vote for a man from a faith that hates and persecutes gay people it was suggested that Zac steal the gay vote by coming out as a pansexualist

  7. Has the ever lovely Zac ever done a day's real work in his life?

  8. Nothing wrong with politicians supporting and endorsing the gay community. Nothing wrong at all.

    But it is very shallow when this support emerges just before a cliff hanger election and just before an interview with a gay newspaper.

    Pathetic, Goldsmith. You are a fraud.

  9. Zac also needs to pander to his dinner party set. Boring, boring (or worse) to be indulging all these fairies. So make it "pan sexual" support.

    "Darling, you are SO brilliant" swoons Priscilla Caius-Gonville.

    "Phew" thinks Zac. Got away with that one.

    Khan is a dreadful prospect for Mayor of London. But vapid, hot air Zac , is no alternative. Pathetic that this is all that the Tories could dredge up.

    1. The whole family is suspect. Remember the mad father who tried to get us out of Europe? Remember his mad rant when he lost to David Mellor?

      Its in the genes. We cannot take the risk.

    2. Actually, before he was a eurosceptic he was a committed europhile.
      How do I know? I went to a meeting at the H.o.C and heard him rant on about the brilliance of Europe

    3. Gays Watch Out6 March 2016 at 10:36

      In a flash the guy will be anti gay if he sees a chance to attract the Muslim vote.

      Goldsmith stands for nothing except opportunity and self advantage.


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