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Tuesday, 29 March 2016


The Telegraph reports TODAY a group of young Saudi's have imported in their supercars, no doubt with the intention of driving noisily and dangerously around our streets.
Proudly, the Council boasts that it has issued 'several penalty notices'. 
This must have had a traumatic effect ISIS funding citizens of the 'Kingdom' of Saudi Arabia who claim to be our friends in the fight against terrorism. 
But, with friends like these brutal medievalists, we have no need of enemies.

Here is one of their trucks. It's the sort of vehicle ISIS fighters could put to good use.
Nick Paget-Brown says it too early to say whether the Public Space Protection Orders, forbidding the Middle Easterners from bad behaviour, are working. 

He is wrong. 
They have not worked from Day 1..... it's been a waste of time and money.
The police turn a blind eye to these drivers despite the dangers they pose to other road users and pedestrians.
They should never be allowed on our roads without legible number plates and full examination by DVLA. 
And it's time the police started to actively police the roads. 
Mobile speed camera patrols need to be seen on our streets and vehicle confiscation actioned.


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