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Thursday, 24 March 2016



Another reason the Dame wakes in a cold sweat is the knowledge Boris has entrusted the safety of Londoners to an overweight podge called Stephen Greenhalgh. 

Greenhalgh's tenure as Dep Mayor, Policing has been marred by bad decision making and general incompetence. 

Whatever made Johnson think that being leader of a poxy little London Borough qualified Greenhalgh to run the Met. We Londoners live in very dangerous times. Greenhalgh is not the man for those times. 

He should have considered his position when apologising for doing something he claims not to have done. The 'something he did not do' was touch a young City Hall worker's bottom in a crowded lift. 

So why apologise for something he claimed not to have done?

More confusing still was his wish to 'apologise unreservedly for anything that could be or may have been construed as inappropriate on my part'.

Stevie is responsible for Met policing so, being 'the long arm of the law', his hands may have found the lift cabin too constraining, thus causing inadvertent contact with the lady's anatomy.
It's all rather odd......
If he didn't touch the lady's bottom why did he not come out and say so?

This sweaty and overweight, small-time, local politician is not suitable material as London's Dep Mayor: senior Met officers think him a joke and the last thing we need is a joker running the Met.


  1. Some years ago Boris passed him the file on a particularly complex pile of illegality that's festered away for years at the heart of the rotten borough. Boris intended Greenhalgh to 'lose' the file. Greenhalgh obliged his boss with admirable speed. Residents continue to be ripped off by millions of pounds a year. Job done.

    1. Look carefully. The awful man looks exactly like Cyril Smith. That same lecherous grin.

      Grim thought

  2. Ghastly fat man. All sweat and farts.

    1. People like this are a pain on airoplanes. They should be made to purchase two seats in order to avoid inconveniencing fellow passengers.

      Long haul can be a nightmare next to a fatty

  3. He's nothing but an estate agent selling off as many Police stations as he can lay his hands on; with our Dixons using offshore cafe shops as bases to work from.

    If you dont believe it just go look at what was Battersea police station.

    Greenhalgh is also involved up to his neck in Earls Court/ CapCo debacle.

    Its a mess and they know it; soon it is going to all fall.

  4. Nothing wrong with pinching a pretty girl's bottom. Did you ever go to Italy?

    1. 7.15 You sound such a prat

    2. 7.15 You sound such a prat

    3. Well we all know that YOU do not like girls bottoms

    4. No, I have to say that a young lad's rump is more aesthetically appealing to me.

  5. Bad appointment

    Stupidity in the lift made him a laughing stock at the Met. He lost the authority of Office.

    A liability to the Conservative Party.

  6. NEVER thought that there would be space for another person in that lift....

  7. Boris lacks sound judgement for putting Greenhalgh in charge of policing.

    Can you imagine what a mess he would make of things if he became the Prime Minister.

  8. Merrick, you are right. But how about you getting City Hall jobs? At least, Boris is clever, whereas you are thick


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