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Friday, 25 March 2016


And here's a multi-million COMPUTER SYSTEM COCK UP  that's happened under Fatso Greenhalgh's watch.
"You do not have to say anything, Fatso, but anything etc"

Now Fatso is threatening to sue Northrop Grumman in the forlorn hope he will be able to get Londoner's money back.

The man, besides being deeply unpleasant, is worse than useless. 
Piss up's and breweries come to mind when reflecting upon Greenhalgh.


  1. ABSOLUTELY useless... Hopefully he will be gone when the new Mayor takes office.... RIP Fatso

  2. Retired Chief Executive26 March 2016 at 10:56

    In fairness to Fatso the decision to put in the IT system at the Met was before his time. Another Government department (eg NHS) losing its shirt on the all singing, all dancing IT system that cannot even tell the time of day.

    Civil Servants have never been able to take high tech and business decisions and the likes of IBM and Grumman run rings around them with their hype and promise. It all ends in tears
    and the tax payer picks up the bill.

    The prudent approach is to put in IT systems gradually, keep the old system until the new one works, and then fine tune and move on to the next module. But of course this is rather boring and not worth a Minister's Press Release.

    1. Rubbish. Fatso should have spotted the rot earlier and stopped it. Having a go at Grumman is just window dressing to clear the decks before the next administration and of course the discredited Boris crowd are hoping that the hopeless Zac gets in and they want to give him the best chance. The City Hall Officers put their political "masters" up to it in order to try and keep their jobs after the new Mayor is elected.

    2. He was too busy selling off the publics' realestate to his developer pals to notice.

  3. Has Goldsmith done a day's meaningful work in his life?

  4. Has Goldsmith done a day's meaningful work in his life?

  5. No response. Says it all.


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