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Thursday, 24 March 2016


After one too many vodka martinis the old Dame often wakes in a cold sweat with a terrible sense of foreboding.
It is in that same state when she imagines the buffoon, Boris Johnson, as Prime Minister.
It says much about the depressed state of the nation that anyone could even conceive of allowing this music hall turn to run our once great country. So why Johnson, B refuse to answer questions from AM member Johnson,D about Capco's spying, when he had defended the Guardian for releasing details on spying on political figures.
Boris with Capco mates

Capco referred to this spying as 'monitoring activists'. 
It's the sort of stuff one expects from the former S. African spy organisation, BOSS

He even went on to say he was outraged to hear the USA had listened to Frau Merkel's phone conversations. 
Sadly, grandstanding stops when it comes to British citizens being spied on by a South African developer. 
In the case of Capco, Boris Johnson has not a single condemnatory word to say.
The Dame remembers, during the Riots, Johnson visited Clapham. 
He tried his buffoon tactics and was bawled out by 
angry residents. 
His look of bewilderment showed how easily he misjudged people's mood.
He is not a serious man for serious times.


  1. Boris is many things, but it's unwise to make the mistake of assuming he's a buffoon. As for Capco, it's just the sort of dubious operation that one would expect Boris to do business with. He's a very clever man and is in the game for the benefit of Boris and very little else.

  2. Boris and cuddly Ken are similar animals. Ruthless, determined and utterly self seeking. Not people to sup with.

  3. Ghastly fat man. All sweat and farts.

  4. Boris will not take a Capco job now. He is concentrating on his bid for power and for the next six months - back Brexit, UK quits EEC, Cameron resigns, Boris stands for Tory Leadership.

    Capco would attract negative press comment and he does not need the cash.

    Boris is not short of cash. His wife is a high earning QC and he makes £300k per year from journalism - topped up by his Mayors salary, MPs salary, Cabinet salary, book Royalties and income from the Johnson family Trust and private investments. ca £700k per year.

    1. So including his wife's income, the family take home pay is £1 million a year! Not bad if you can get it.

    2. But his outgoings are high. Daughters at private school, mistresses, and goodness knows what else (you can guess)

  5. Boris the buffoon? A clever Con trick, more like. Behind the carefully cultivated, utterly contrived public image - all bumbling bonhomie - is a ruthless, ambitious, greedy self-interested shark; a shifty shoddy operator who has shafted London for his own aggrandisement. Caveat emptor!

  6. Boris is the worst sort of politician. An opportunist who is not to be trusted.

  7. Everyone is missing the point here.

    Boris is unwilling to challenge a developer who are spying on Earls Court residents. The Taxpayers!

    If this was legal, CapCo would say so. CapCo haven't commented or even defended their actions, why?

    Any sort of 'monitoring' could involve illegally acquiring information on Residents, breaking the data protection act which would involve bad press not only for CapCo but the council, Conservative party and Boris (including 'City Hall').

    Are CapCo listening in to phone calls?

    Are CapCo Recording residents' conversations at home?

    Are CapCo accessing residents' emails?

    Do CapCo have residents' web historys?

    Are CapCo photographing residents out in public or, god forbid, in their own home?

    Have CapCo received personal information on residents? If so how will they be using this information?

    These would all be the worst breaches of privacy which have nothing to do with crime or terrorism.

    Our Lady Protector Dame it is time CapCo own up to what their 'monitoring' actually entails, or be damned!

  8. This comment is from someone who has clearly lost the plot. Capco aren't doing any of these things. Get real!

    1. Such a scenario does seem extreme. However, let's not forget, it was Capco that first raised the issue of their own 'monitoring' of 'activists' opposed to their increasingly widely opposed EC ambitions. Those individuals have a right to know what is in any file the developer holds on them.

    2. 14.58 is asking questions not making statements, if the Mayor had not outright refused to deal with the matter & Capco revealed what their monitoring involved, there would be no suspicions.

      14:58 must have hit a nerve as 20.21 smells like one of capcos goons, question is why are capco spying and how, if it is all innocent open up your files.

  9. Why has Borwick not spoken out about this?

    Are we not her constituents?

    Too busy having her photo taken probably.

    Her connections to Capco are well known.

    1. Fly On The Wall28 March 2016 at 20:12

      What is the Borwick connection to Capco?

  10. Vicky worked at Earls Court & is Johnson's close mate. She has NOT spoken out at all about Earls Court not about the dust (which has not been cleaned up or tested) & the spying by CapCo but has enough time to have her photograph taken with Goldsmith on Saturday.

    1. What might Lady B add to what Cllr. Aouane has already said on this matter? Namely, that 'The dust has been analysed for particulate size and has been found to not be of such a size to be detrimental to human health.' This should be sufficient reassurance. Admittedly, further pressed on 'by whom?' and asked where might one find this most interesting and elusive document, one still awaits clarification some 33 days after putting those very questions to Cllr Aouane. I shall ask her again.

    2. The fact so few reports are being published relating to Earls Court is worrying. With English HEritage and HSE suppressing their own reports paid with public money what else are they suppressing?

      Poor Earls Court residents.


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