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Thursday, 14 January 2016


Bone Idle
The Dame is being bombarded with moans about someone claimed to be the laziest and most ineffectual of councillors.
Step forward, the absent ward councillor for Hans Town.

Mary Weale lost her City job, but good fortune prevailed.... 
a nice little earner was found for her as Cabinet Member, patronising the Borough's 'oldies'. 
For this sinecure of a job she picks up in excess of £45, 000 a year.
Is she worth it? 
Not according to officers and residents discreetly moaning to the Dame.
The combination of Weale and the dreadful Stella Baillie is a truly toxic one...two very disagreeable people.

It's time Nick P-B started to do some Cabinet reshuffling. 
A start would be booting out two incompetent Cabinet incumbents....Weale and Campbell.
How we look back now and think how much we miss Shireen Ritchie...


  1. I know Cllr Weale socially.
    She has a youngish family and since leaving her job in the City income has been somewhat strained. Why begrudge her a little help at this time?
    Most mean spirited of this blog: I will not be reading it again.

    1. Bibi... that's all your crass statement warrants... If you feel so bad about Ms Weale, send a little cheque for few K. Why should Borough residents subsidize her lifestyle

    2. Why doesn't she earn some money
      I hear there's plenty minimum wage jobs up for grabs.Cameron said we can all live on it so go on Mary give up the tax credits and child benefit and stop scrounging off the state. Carry on like this and she might be able to earn a few quid on benefits street.

  2. The old Dame is getting forgetful. Cllr Weale comes from the school of "we agreed to listen but not to hear". The bag is a stocking filler - she is performing as she always did.

    By teaming her with the dreadful Baillie, the Leader Paget-Brown is sending out the message that he wants the oldies and their problems to remain out of sight and out of mind. It is time for the elders to gather en masse and sit on their neglectful Leader. He will suffocate and expire

  3. Sir M. Pooter Cockell14 January 2016 at 13:15

    The idea of Moylan beggars belief....19:17 and 12:19
    are you being ironic? The man is a liability. He pisses everybody off and has no conception of leadership. He will go down in history for wasting £25 million on the Exhibitionist Rd; flying documents by DHL to his love nest in Thailand(and no, I don't want to know what he gets up to there) trying to demolish Sloane Square and so annoying the Olympic Legacy Committee that they booted him off. We won't discuss the cock up with MP's over Boris Island.
    If you thought I was bad then you are in for a shock with Daniel running the show.
    He even made officers cry....

  4. Weale has put on about 3 stone loafing about with her nose in the trough.

  5. That woman hasn't got an original thought in her head. A sheep!

  6. Rubbish-She is effective. Profits in the canteen are up since she started lunching there.

  7. Mary Weale is having a difficult and sad period in her life. She deserves sympathy and understanding. It did not help that she lost out to Cllr Borwick in the MP contest. This whole event de stabilised the gal and she is still in a whirlwind of shock, hate and loathing of her erstwhile colleague.

    Her reputation was mortally wounded when her stupid comment "we agreed to listen but not to hear" was revealed on the Hornet. An early casualty of the hornets who started to buzz in and out of Hornton Street and populate the futile, divisive and dishonest "consultations"

    The lady has been troughing and playing with residents for long enough. It is customary for Leaders to give such people notice that they are expected to find work elsewhere within, say, 12 months. This nudge is LONG OVERDUE.

  8. The shadow councillor, not seen or heard. Both Campbell and Weale are dangerous due to their lack of expertise and the fact that they are easily led by the incompetent officers from Hammersmith and Westminster who now rule the Borough. This Boroough is rudderless, leaderless and doomed. NPB is clearly the expert in listening and not hearing. We need people with expertise and empathy in these posts and neither Councillors have this.

  9. The Leader, Cllr Paget-Brown, needs to get a grip. He needs to demonstrate to Officers and the other councillors that he is not a push over looking for a quiet life.

    High office carries big responsibilities, including uncomfortable staff decisions. Cabinet posts are in the gift of the Leader. Residents will judge him by the quality of his decisions.

    Putting Weale and Campbell out to grass will not threaten the Paget-Brown position. Neither councillor has a "following" and the threat of a coup is non existent.

    Get on with it boy, before you become a laughing stock

    1. He is a laughing stock with people who actually know what he is supposed to be doing. The Council is now run by officers from the dreadful Hammersmith who are driven by Westminster officers who apparently know everything and nothing. The fact that this Borough was a five star borough for its services, etc has been forgotten by the incompetent bunch of Councillors he supposedly leads. The Coup has already happened, whilst NPB was on his listening jaunt around the Borough, the rot bedded in nicely in Horton Street. He needs to step aside.

  10. We would like to see you try and do the job Dame????

  11. Judging by the somewhat schoolboyish style of your comment, and the abuse of question marks, the Dame assumes you to be one of Cllr Weale's young children.
    Now go away and get on with your homework

  12. Was it Weale or her predecessor who ran Thamesbrook down and into closure?


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