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Sunday, 17 January 2016


The previous story was about the irresponsibility of digging deep: this concerns the idiocy of building to such heights entire areas of West London are dwarfed and human scale overwhelmed and diminished.
London's eastern skyline has already been brutalised by greedy developers, desperate to maximise profits.
Now, they look westwards......
Once built, The Pole will open the floodgates for a mass of similar, out of scale developments.
This is the moment to stop these developers, who care only for profits, from ruining London's historic skyline.
Please click HERE and sign the Petition. 
You can do your bit to stop this monstrous intrusion into our lives and skies.



  1. Our heritage skyline and cityscape is being wrecked, with scant care beyond short-term material gain. Livingstone and Johnson's joint legacy will be the city's disfigurement by willy-waving architects' vulgar erections, trashy Dubai-to-let towers and sterile 'luxury' developments. London is starting to look like a high-rise Guangzhou ghetto - a sad scenario inadvertently or deliberately (you decide) aided/ abetted by key councillors and planners.

  2. Joke here is 'Sir' Terry Farrell, of Farrell's London, is opposed to it. Yet he is doing the same size pole at Chelsea Riverside. One rule for him and another for other serial London demolishers.

    Thank gawd for Skyline campaign. No sky towers, we are not Manhattan!

    Already Fulham Skyline ruined by that tower in Earls COurt

  3. The entire proposal is a sick joke. It carries the seeds of it's own demise. The market for such properties will assuredly collapse.

    In fact, this has already started. This weekend's Financial Times recorded the fact that RBKC is the only borough in London with falling residential property values. Why would the wealthy wish to live in a borough with blatantly corrupt planning and property departments? If they buy a grossly overpriced Victorian terrace house in an elegant tree lined street, they do so in the knowledge that their lives will be made miserable for the next decade by others digging away the ground supporting their own and their neighbours' home. A house in Kensington or Chelsea is invariably in the middle of a permanent building site. Developers' contractors intimidate entire neighbourhoods. This disgraceful situation is overseen by a corrupt council run by corrupt officers.

    Westminster is no different from K & C. The rich are at last taking their ill gotten gains elsewhere. So who else will buy? Answer: no one. Hence the market crumbles to dust.


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