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Friday, 29 January 2016


If the Dame's usually impeccable source is correct, we may soon expect the Rotten Borough to play host to a representative from the holocaust denying and brutal Iranian hellhole: where children accused of capital crimes have to wait until their eighteenth birthday before being strangulated. 
Still, one has to give these terrorist funders credit for so successfully pulling the wool over the eyes of the world.
On Holocaust Day, it's vile Supreme Leader, Khamenei, once again described the idea of the Holocaust as a fiction.
The Dame fears Israel has every reason to be fearful of these thuggish anti-Semites.
Anyway, back to the point. Some years ago we sensibly kicked the Iranians out. At the time, they were planning to build a hideous embassy with a 'learning centre'

Luckily, the Dame was on hand to force the Council to put up the application on the planning website: something the Council attempted to avoid doing on the spurious grounds of 'security'.  
From memory, Cllr Danny Boys Moylan, the self-proclaimed 'architectural expert', was involved in discussions. 
He may even have had mint tea and pastries with the Iranians...we will never know.
Now that Iranian money has blinded us to right and wrong, we may find them trying to build their vulgar horror
The Dame advises Daniel not to go to Tehran to discuss design matters. 
This backwards and wicked regime enjoys hanging gay people from cranes.....


  1. The Learning Centre was probably where the impressionable would be taught how to make suicide bombs

  2. From 'cranes' how interesting a sight that might be....

  3. Isn't this the design that caused uproar some years ago?

  4. exactly and Daniel pretended he despised it, yet quietly supported it. How anyway gay can work with these monsters defies belief

  5. exactly and Daniel pretended he despised it, yet quietly supported it. How anyway gay can work with these monsters defies belief

  6. The appalling levels of violent dissension between various religious groups in the Middle East, render the proposed building totally unsuitable. Those behind the huge glass windows will be sitting targets for attack. Apart from all other issues, the design must be radically amended to provide appropriate protection for all those inside the building.

  7. As a gay man I say the The Dame is right in her inference.
    How Daniel Moylan can break bread and encourage these vile homophobes is beyond belief.


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