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Thursday, 28 January 2016


The Dame hears, from a brilliantly reliable source,we could be seeing a couple of by-elections come May.

One wonders who could be on the move.....


  1. Does the Dame mean council by elections?

    If so, Ahern springs to mind. He's not lifted a finger to justify his publicly funded council stipend for years.

  2. Victoria Borwick obviously and probably David Campion (pushed, did not volunteer) although after EDC's statement in council, maybe Palmer?

    1. Why on earth would Borwick stand down??? She is one of the few who actually cares about residents, who is selfless and hard working, and is starting to show that she bats for Kensington and Chelsea in Westminster. Its "win win" all around

    2. Double dipping out of the public purse.

    3. She is very useful to us combining the two roles.

    4. Mr Pleased and Observer must be Borwick's SPADs.

      She has no care for residents. Best example is Major Vickers he was under constant stress and fear from being ousted from his home she could have demanded the council back off as well as forced them to fix the house up as well as his flat and promise he could return to his home after. After all she could have involved the Mayor of London and pressure from conservative party as well as the Lords.

      THis has been going on for some time, she is just like Rifkind and Michael Portillio self serving. She is a strong supporter of Developers she has shown this in her position in the GLA and likes to keep saying she is a local gal as if this hides her true allegiance.

      You have to ask yourself why she has not spoken about her sons attack in the West End since it was reported. Was this because it actually turned out he was being abusive to the women who attacked him? Shame the CCTV was not released.

      Otherwise Borwick would be like Tony Blair with a drunkard Euan son.

      Borwick was the best of a bad lot from the K&C Conservatives but still that is not saying a lot, as has been shown on this blog already Borwick used public funds back in 2009 to help her Millionaire Lord husband publicise his Electric company Modec,

      You can't even look at the findings of the GLA as well as it is not reported on her Wikipedia page.

      Transparency please!

    5. What can the dear old Dame seems Victoria is the Devil Incarnate!
      There is a limit to what a councillor can do; especially, if she is not part of the Ruling Group inner circle. And she is certainly not one of those,
      In fact, one could say that her rebelliousness cost her a well paid Cabinet job. The Dame put to our MP the question why she has not spoken about the attack on her son. She tells the Dame she did, in the Standard, and it was widely reported. It is now sub judice so it would be unfair on those involved to comment, even if there was more to add.The Dame has met Tom and a more unlikely 'aggressive drunk' she has yet to meet. He is a quiet, gentle, individual.
      The Dame likes to consider herself a good judge of character. In her estimation Borwick is a rare political beast; she works hard for anyone she represents irrespective of their political affiliation.

  3. PLEASE let it be Spalding or Inane, please!

  4. Should be interesting to see who are these loooosers....

  5. I know that Borwick is one and Lloyd North (gay pron star) is set to replace her. But who is no two?

  6. I could not care less what party our councillors belong too so long as they are persons of QUALITY. There is very little in local Government that is Party Political - what is really needed is people of goodwill who can represent residents and understand what local Government is and how it works.

    Hornton Street desperately needs the councillor stock to be refreshed. Where will the new recruits come from? A fertile recruiting ground should be the Resident Associations and Societies. These bodies lock horns with the Council, lobby the Council, and give input to the council. They also understand what "representation" means.

    There are nearly 100 such bodies in the Royal Borough and some of them (like the Kensington Society) are very heavyweight. Leading lights should be encouraged to put their names forward.

    Would the Leaders of the Conservative and Labour Parties in the Royal Borough please start to do some back room lobbying. Smoke out some quality candidates

  7. No one of any quality is willing to be a rotten borough councillor. Anyone any good is frozen out.


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