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Friday, 22 January 2016


Thanks to the amazing staff at C&W Hospital, Major Jim  Vickers is now in good battle fettle, despite having had to deal with the Council, collaborating with a gang of Italians, using every tactic to kick him out of his home of 42 years. 

It would appear that they have been ably assisted by the frightful Stella Baillie, Head of the Council’s Social Services Dept. One of Stella’s nasty little tricks is to try to suggest Jim needs their help in decision making: his memorable retort was to tell Stella and team to ‘Buzz Off!”
Our Stella enlisted the support of the Council’s hapless 
£450k a year PR team. The Dame has commented, in red, on each of their lies.
As Jim said to the Dame today,  
"I'll be 90 on 28th February. My Council has failed to grasp our Italian landlord has the single objective of gaining vacant possession of our home of nearly half a century. Mrs Pepere has failed to maintain our home, thinking she can use the poor condition of the common parts to get us to move out. It's as if she is trying to constructively evict me, my partner, Peter, and co-tenant, Sam.  I plan to pass my protected life tenancy to my partner, Peter.
I plan to die at home and I want to ensure my partner and carer of many years inherits my tenancy.
RBKC must do everything to save our home. This landlord is playing games  with the Council.  Enough is enough. This has gone on for years. We continue to be harassed and the Council needs to act now to protect us!"

A Council spokesman said: “We are aware of the case and have devoted enormous efforts to support the tenant and resolve what is a very complex situation. 
Untrue, You have allowed a succession of dishonest owners to harass Jim and dilapidate the building to force him out 

“Our involvement began when we discovered the tenant’s accommodation did not meet legal housing standards.
Untrue: you have known of the situation for over eight years and have done nothing

The Council took enforcement action against his landlord to require him to carry out repairs to improve the tenant’s living conditions. 
This enforcement action should have taken place years ago

The landlord appealed to the court, which ruled that the tenant would need to move out of the property into temporary accommodation to allow for these repairs and renovations to take place. This was to protect the tenant’s safety. 

Rubbish, the work could have been completed in one week, during his last stay in hospital.
“However, the tenant’s personal wish is to remain in situ and as a consequence the landlord has been unable to start repairs. 
Again, more rubbish. You ignore the fact that he was out of the flat, in hospital, for three months. Had you enforced against the owners then, there would have been no issue. And you were well aware Jim moving out would have jeopardized his tenancy
“The Council is working hard to support the tenant and to find the best way forward.”
No, Stella Baillie has been working hard with the owner/developer, in the most unorthodox of ways, to remove Jim from his home
As with her rationale for closing Thamesbrook, Miss Baillie finds it difficult to reconcile fact and fiction.


  1. Lt.Col. Thompson23 January 2016 at 09:40

    Bloody disgraceful, I say.

    The Council should be horsewhipped.

  2. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    1. Nightmare for the Italians. Looks as though they will have a controlled tenancy for ever if Jim passes on his rights to Peter. But they should have figured it out before they bought the house "on the cheap". Silly billies.

      Fortunately the market has risen and they have the "tenant premium" to play with. They should split the difference with Jim and his partner. Say £2 million for Jim if he agrees to move within 6 months. £200k immediately and the balance as soon as the flat is vacated. This still leaves the Italians with a handsome profit and gives Jim and his family some real options compared with being homeless. And it is a "market solution" so the Tory council and their foot soldiers (ie Stella Bailey) should encourage it.

  3. It is essential that the Dame continues to expose the scandalous workings going on around this vulnerable resident. Stella Baillie should be ashamed of herself. Deeply ashamed.

    I wonder if she has elderly parents? A few moments of reflection might make her think again

    1. It is a requirement for all Council Officers at RBK&C to have no shame.

  4. Extraordinary how venal and useless Fitzpatrick and his PR team are. Do they ever stop and think before they write their rubbish?

    And £450k every year!


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