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Saturday, 30 January 2016


The advice below, from Cllr Quentin Marshall, is just plain silly.

Quent is a lovely chap and well meaning, but really....!
For the past few years, hundreds, if not thousands, of residents have complained about the constant roar from Arab-owned supercars tearing, at great and dangerous speed, around our streets. It's been flagged in the national media on a constant basis.

If the police haven't got the message yet, they never will.
In those circumsances, Quent's advice is fatuous.

The police need to get on with undertaking late evening/ early morning speed controls NOW.

Dear neighbour

You may know that a Public Space Protection Order is now in place in Knightsbridge to try to control the nuisance caused by supercars.  However, the Order is of no value if it is not enforced.  The Police will only prioritise enforcement if they receive a significant volume of complaints.  We therefore need to ensure we log breaches as often as possible if we want action taken. 

If you experience nuisance caused by the cars, e.g. loud noise at night, please call the Police on 101 (not 999).  You can call at the time you experience the problem or the the next day.  You will be asked why you are calling and should tell the operator you are calling to record a breach of the Knightsbridge Public Space Protection Order.  You do not have to see the cause of the nuisance (in the main, I think we hear rather than see the cars).  You will be asked your name and address.  In all it takes about four minutes.

Please do take action if this is something about which you care.  We need to demonstrate we as a community want this issue taken seriously.  If we don't report breaches, nothing will be done.  You can log calls daily (I am!) if necessary and you have time.  The operators are friendly and understanding and it is entirely reasonable to be reporting the nuisances which are now Offences as a result of the Order.

Best regards

Cllr Quentin Marshall

PS please do pass on this email to local friends and neighbours


  1. Good for Quent! Its not polo season so he has lots of time to log calls in Knightsbridge. Makes a change from his regular hospitality from the owners of Horrid.

  2. I shall be nameless30 January 2016 at 19:52

    He is a bit of a lazy bugger: stood by and saw Beauchamp Pl reduced to some squalid Arab quarter

  3. As much as I agree with the Dame on most issues, in fact to date on just about every issue, on this one I beg to differ. I don't know Cllr Marshall at all but what he suggests strikes me as pretty sensible. The proof of course will be to see if there are indeed many complaints and if the fuzz do anything about it.

    1. Thank you. That is a high compliment. The problem is people have got so got bored with complaining they have given up, believing that it will make no difference. The police are well aware of the problem: they need no confirmation. What Cllr Marshall should be asking the police is this....
      "what action will you take if you do get a large number of complaints?"
      The Dame suspects we know the answer...nothing: just as always.
      Time for Quent to tell the police, " you know there is a problem: sort it out by some firm proactive policing"

    2. ABSOLUTELY SO, what WILL the Fuzz do about it? NOTHING, NIXIES, RIEN or in Arabic MAFISH.....We are all sick and tired from complaining. THIS IS NOTHING NEW....

  4. Bureaucracy (and especially Hornton Street) likes to hide behind the excuse "there are no complaints" so no need to do anything. What these reptiles conveniently forget is that they set up complaints procedures in the first place to gauge public opinion. Planning Applications a case in point. And when residents complained in droves, it was all too difficult and the reptiles did nothing.

    And so the residents got tired of complaining. And the reptiles felt they had taken an initiative - three cheers and lets have a pay rise.

    What the reptiles are too stupid to understand is that they have diminished democracy, created cynics about their institutions, and moved society a step closer to anarchy and lawlessness.

  5. Well-meaning Quent sounds quaint: a throwback to a more genteel era when beastly boy racers tore up the North Circular, not Knightsbridge, and RBKC would have never allowed similarly selfish vulgarians to subject their poor neighbours to years of misery caused by bling basement digs at their digs?

  6. Does Quent rev up his Ferrari and make a noise in Knightsbridge? We should be told.

    1. The Ferrari is only brought out for the polo season and matches at Cowdray and Windsor Great Park. Making a splash is very important

    2. Ferrari, polo, Kensington penthouse, and private trust fund. Plus a bit of Council work to use up spare time and put it around.

      Quent the gent!


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