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Friday, 22 January 2016


The Dame's campaigning for an end to 'behind closed doors' secrecy has reached a successful conclusion. The Council has backed down and agreed to publish 'advice' given to applicants, by officers.

Well done, Cllr Coleridge for following the Dame's advice-at long last!

Royal Borough’s planners' advice to be made public

19 January 2016
As part of its commitment to transparency the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea has announced that from March 2016 it will routinely publish any advice planning officers, or the Architectural Appraisal Panel, has given to an applicant about a development proposal before the application was made.  The Council is thought to be the first in the country to open its files in this way.

The Council offers a popular advice service ( to those who are considering making a planning application.  The advice is generally confidential between the Council and the customer, but can be published following a request under the Freedom of Information Act or Environmental Information Regulations once a related planning application is made. The advice will now be published automatically once a planning application is made without someone having to make a request under that legislation.

Councillor Tim Coleridge, the Royal Borough’s Cabinet Member for Planning Policy, said:  "Everyone will be able to see the advice our officers have provided, how they have fought to get improvements to development proposals and how they have encouraged applicants to engage with those who might be affected.”


  1. Well done Dame! It's just possible that the level of residents' distrust in RBKC planning has at last seeped through to the walking dead of Horton Street.

    Secret agreements between applicants and officers should never have been allowed in the first place. Making the details of the discussions public is welcome, but long overdue.

    1. What would we do without the Dame?

  2. Is this the first effort towards more transparency of our new Planning overlord Stallwood?

    If so let's look forward to more meaningful initiatives from this quarter. Good start Stallwood!

    1. This moves shows sensitivity and engagement from the new Director of Planning. Long overdue

  3. This is excellent news. It has taken too long for common sense to break through. Hopefully Officers and councillors are starting to learn that secrecy breeds suspicion and this is its own worst enemy when controversial planning proposals are being adjudicated.

    Congratulations (again) to the Dame for prodding Hornton Street into the 21st Century

  4. The Dame would make an excellent Executive Assistant to the somewhat slow and befuddled Cabinet Member for Planning, Cllr Coleridge.

    Tim could have all the kudos of making wise announcements and patting himself on the back. But he badly needs a person to dream up the ideas.


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