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Tuesday, 20 October 2015


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Nothing gives the Dame greater pleasure than a trip to Golborne Road.
It's one of the last remaining areas of our city retaining a very special character: no wonder visitors from around the world visit. 

The Dame encourages anyone who cares about Golborne Rd to sign the PETITION


  1. One clueless Councillor told me they envisaged it transformed à la Covent Garden Market with 'jolly' Victorian barrows (selling Dick Van Dyke Mockney tat to tourists, presumably). Its traders / indie food outlets will be forced out as Golborne Rd is subjected to a 'luxury' lobotomy. Similarly, King's Rd was once the edgiest catwalk on the planet....before greed triumphed and K&C surrendered its 'cutting edge cool.' (a term last fashionable circa when K&C itself was) Depressing.

    1. They want to have another crack at dumbing down King's Road by dumping a Crossrail2 station there. The pretext is convenience but the reality is more retail, more commercial and destruction of what character is left there.

    2. Next up: spout some warped logic that justifies developers knocking down the World's End Estate to build luxury flats there, with no planning gain to RBKC? Social / cultural cleansing..but for as long as residents can be bribed with low council tax......

  2. Ghastly Cllr Coleridge's fat money grabbing finger are also in this pie?

  3. Why is that Paget Brown always goes against the wishes of residents of Kensington and Chelsea. Dame please have words he is getting worst than the Pooter! HS2, Goldborne Road, Earls Court the man is an ignoramus now claims on his 'blog' we have the "toughest planning enforcement team in London" is he a joke or what.


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