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Thursday, 15 October 2015


The Dame is known for her passion for a tipple or two so was pleased to see Cllr Inane Aouane has the same tastes.

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Well, she has seen how much the councillor's share of the dinner at the Hurlingham cost....courtesy of Capco

Surprisingly, her fellow fan of Capco, Cllr 'Fatty' Spalding didn't manage to get his snout in the trough.
Cllr Inane managed to get through £40 of grub and fine wine!
Should an officer have been present to monitor the conversation? Of course....
Was there one? Of course not....


  1. The Council rule is that no councillor should meet a developer without a planning officer being present. Maybe Cllr Aouane did not know of this rule as she is new and probably did not bother to go through the induction process.

    1. ....because planning officers are unbiased observers, obviously?

  2. Just goes to show what we thought that the Conservatives, in particular Kensington & Chelsea Councillors, are up to their necks in this development. Residents, local businesses and the exhibitioners had no chance!

    Time for an explanation from K&C Conservatives after all they did pay for Inane's election.

    Maybe she should stand down, her position cannot be tenable, in any case it would not be right for her to meet the very people destroying the area! Already five businesses have gone out of business from the exhibition centre's destruction.

  3. Apparently she did go to all the induction events, so this was obviously wilful.


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