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Saturday, 31 October 2015



This sad and boring little person is called Tim Burton. 

His devotes his purposeless life to chasing around Knightsbridge excitedly filming the Gulf super car owners polluting our streets with noise and fumes. 

Tim is a sort of latter day train spotter- and as idiotic as only anyone devoted to that pursuit can be.
He loves the glare of publicity. If you can bear it listen to the bore's inarticulate ramblings on BBC HERE

Tim's latest advice to residents? 
That they should move from from Knightsbridge if they don't like the noise and danger. 
Tim, you are a real 'trou de cul'


  1. Dear Dame,

    That's a little unfair we all have our idiosyncrasies but there is no reason to vilify him for being interested in super cars. As people in this country cannot keep up with increasing rent and food prices, this is the closest some will come to luxury.

    We all understand those in Knightsbridge suffer from the Super cars but feel this is wrong way to address it; should it not be the police, Paget-Brown & Victoria Borwick that should be in your cross-hairs. Maybe you could have a word with Borwick who should reciprocate the support you give her. It is the aggressive beggars that are a greater blight to the area and the Borough.

    Dame we know the residents in the Brompton & Hans Town suffer and we all empathise but those at fault here are those who govern and police us, to whom we pay our council tax.

    On that bombshell...

  2. The Dame is always happy to be rebuked but she stands by her assessment of this very silly boy. He is guilty of incitement to noise and thus disruption to the lives of residents. His silly site encourages the vile visitors to show off and create noise and danger. The thrust of the Dame's criticism was his insolent claim that residents move if they don't like the way their area has been changed.
    The Dame sees no connection between poverty and the idiot spectators who egg on the drivers: the spectators look very well fed and heeled; unsurprising as they can afford to travel hundreds of miles.
    Victoria Borwick and Greg Hands have both done their best. It is the police that need to be out on the streets with speed cameras and checks to ensure the cars comply with our laws. That is not happening.
    Beggars....don't get the Dame started on them. Again, more police on the beating rather than standing around the Ecuadorian Embassy would be a start.

  3. 14:39
    Tim Burton makes a fortune out of his site: hence his £300k Maclaren....hardly it need of free food!

  4. I can guess, fairly accurately, that most of the Gulf drivers would not get UK licence to drive these cars....For start, they do not understand why we have 'double yellow lines' on most of London streets.... as for the rest, you can imagine. i support the Dame...

  5. Dear Dame
    If you wish to get the police to take enforcement action then you must promote the campaign to stop this idiot government from imposing the massive additional cut on police funding that is about to go through Our MPs can surely help there. Once this next set of cuts take effect there will be no on street policing in London whatsoever. Labour put up a good motion on this at the last Council meeting which the Tories neutered to take out criticism of their government.

    1. Isn't parking control outsourced to a commercial contractor? So why can't can't they just tow the b*****s away?

  6. Personalised number plates; lime green Batmobile; orange hoodie; granddad chinos: bit of a James Hunt... as a Ricky the brickie from Beffnal Green might say?

  7. One was initially concerned that the Dame was picking on a child; but there was no need. Mr Burton is merely childish. His expression is inane and his views, moronic.


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