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Monday, 19 October 2015


The Environmental Health department is consulting on a new code of practice for construction noise.  The consultation ends on Wednesday, 21st October 2015.
While it should be applauded, there is one major deficiency, which will render the document completely ineffectual, if it is not rectified.

At present, and the Code does not suggest otherwise, the notice will not be tailored to the site and will not set out how the building works can be carried out.
Therefore, please complete the consultation and ask that the following be done for all building works that .

"The Applicant must jointly instruct with the Council an independent expert at the Applicant's cost for all works that cause noise for an anticipated period greater than four weeks, and produce a report which shall set
a) the precise details of the construction processes ;
b) the precise details of the plant or machinery which is, or is not, to be used;
c) specify the hours during which the works may be carried out;
d) specify the level of noise which may be emitted from the premises in question at the boundary of the development;
e) ) the precise details of the schedule of works and the period that the works will be carried out in
e) ) the precise details of the mitigation measures that are to be used to minimise noise
The expert report, with the specified details will form the basis of a notice pursuant to section 60/61 Control of Pollution Act 1974
For the avoidance of doubt the methods and equipment shall be the quietest methods and equipment that are used in the construction industry.
Further, the expert shall consult with those who may be affected by the construction and take those views into account in preparing their report.
Works shall not be carried out until the expert report has been produced”

This is our chance for real change.

Please use your democratic right and reply to the consultation and ask for the report.
The consultation can be found here:


  1. Excellent idea!
    We cant rely upon the officers as the developers will just bully them.
    Courts use reports. And the way this is worded, it should cover all eventualities
    Lets hope as many of us ask for the expert report as set out above, and maybe our lives wont be blighted by noise anymore

    Thank You Dame

  2. An independent expert's report on site-specific best practice is badly needed to bring some sanity to the planning and building process. Most developers don't give a fig for the neighbours, as they want to flip their "piggy bank" as quickly as possible. They often coerce foreign work crews, who may be unaware of best practice, into cutting corners, and don't mind making life hell for all living and working close by.
    Please take the time to respond and register your opinion. Remember, the next building site may be springing up in your neighbourhood...

  3. This would really set RBKC up to be the leader of Councils across the land protecting residents and ensuring that we can enjoy our weekends as well as not be driven out of our himes when the builders start up.


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