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Monday, 5 October 2015


George Osborne's plan to allow councils to spend 100% of business rates is akin to allowing heroin addicts an unlimited supply of their drug

Osborne thinks local councils best able to use the tax to promote business.
Sounds fine in theory....but, consider the practice....

When you look at the composition of our Cabinet there is a major deficit of business expertise: in fact, there is none!

We have a retired major from the Education Corps; an insurance broker who has just lost her job and a silly idiot who can't even manage a simple bus  contract and whose hubby took away her very hot credit card. 
Oh, and a property developing deputy leader who hasn't developed anything but a huge ego.

Imagine these hopeless deadbeats in charge of  the tens of millions generated from business rates?

We will all still be paying the same as before, whilst the council indulges itself in 'business' guaranteed to be loss making....vide Chelsea Care and Opera Holland Park.


  1. It makes the mind boggle. The Royal Borough is full of the most sensitive businesses (small traders) who survive on small margins and overdrafts. They are very vulnerable to tampering and "experiments" by inexperienced councillor "puffers"

    The Royal Borough is about to have another orgasmic bout of "virgins discussing copulation". Animated discussion: fantasy imagination: fifth form output.

    Owl of the Remove Paget-Brown is about to achieve new heights of mediocrity

    1. I wonder if the idiots will "consult" before wrecking our businesses?

      Note to Editors
      Cllr Mary Weale has told friends that she "listens but does not hear"

  2. Outraged resident6 October 2015 at 08:24

    The Tory Cabinet of K&C prides itself on its business expertise. And prides itself even more on its social care expertise. In a bold leap of stupidity the puffers dreamed up Chelsea Care to provide enhanced levels of care to residents. Funded by the bottomless pit of Council Tax and no checks and balances.

    An outrageous business plan was approved by the Cabinet with much rejoicing and self congratulation.

    Within 18 months the debacle had to be closed down after huge losses.

    Not a single councillor or Officer was fired. The Town Clerk was given a Knighthood

  3. Holland Park Opera will be re nationalised.

    Watch this space

  4. This is an opportunity to create the kind of High Street that residents want. Rates on Coffee Bars should be tripled. Newspaper Shops and small groceries should operate without rates.

  5. No more rates to collect from Earl's Court and its many, now-failing, exhibition trade-dependent indie businesses. Still, a future cloned new Earls Ct high street crammed with global mega-brands that contrive not to pay taxes in the UK is a shrewd trade-off that will benefit all.

  6. Central Government needs to move with caution. Local Government is staffed with Councillors and Officers who could not make Whitehall and Westminster. Second raters and mostly with ideas above their station.

    A little power drives them mad and in a monopoly like K&C there is no check from the ballot box. So batten down the hatches. We are in for a rough ride in the Royal Borough

  7. Shame this was not put into effect before Video City closed down. The business rates are strangling small independent businesses as well as high rents due to the perfumeries and clothes shops driving up the rent, but it looks like this will not help who needs it. Andrew Neil pointed this out, it is designed to help the rich boroughs.

    Earls Court Road IS becoming a mega brand, "a New District" as the hoarding claims outside Exhibition Centre. The rest of the area is becoming a ghost town in a sea of estate agents. Do not see how Cllr Spalding & Aouane can stay on after this debacle, Conservatives have let down their Tory voters who live in the area. It takes a Lib Dem councillor to represent them Cllr Wade.

    Time to ask the locals Minister Greg Clark to keep an eye on the borough!

    You can see why people vandalise a cereal store in East London, they should not be the target but the developers and council conspirators should be in their sights. It will not be long before we all storm the barricade at Horton Street and the Dame can break out her forage cap and swagger stick. We only ask that the Dame does not expose herself like Liberty in Delcroix's painting.

  8. Agreed. It's only a matter of time till justifiably angry millions take to the streets. Today's performance by Teresa May will hasten the day of reckoning.


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