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Thursday, 15 October 2015


The Dame has been always fascinated by the 'strangeness' of most Family Court judges.
This one, Justice Cobb, costs taxpayers the thick end of £200k a year!

Without suggesting Cobb came this route most family court judiciary have been eased out of the Bar for failing to be profitable, or weird, or just plain hopeless; after all, it's hardly the most demanding branch of the law so tends to attract legal 'no hopers'.

How do heads of chambers fix it?
Simple....over a claret laden lunch a bod from the Judicial Appointments Commission is told, " we have a judicial candidate"....and bang goes the overhead problem!

The case below, presided over by Cobb, is, as he says, 'extraordinary'.
An obviously mature and intelligent fourteen year old decides she wants no contact with her two 'fathers'. 
How hellish her young life must be; exacerbated by the pressures these two 'fathers' put upon her.
So what does Cobb do? 
He forces her to maintain contact with the sources of her misery! 
Now that really is 'extraordinary, milud'.

Cobb must have the sensitivity of a block of wood.....

A 14-year-old girl who was born as a result of donor fertilisation and is embroiled in an "extraordinary" High Court case has been ordered to stay in touch with her two "fathers".
The teenager, who has been at the centre of litigation between her two "fathers" and two "mothers" for half her life, was represented by a lawyer at a private hearing in the Family Division of the High Court and invoked provisions of the 1989 Children Act in a bid to persuade a judge she should be left to "reach her own conclusions".
But Mr Justice Cobb has ruled against the youngster and decided that it is in her best interests to have a "limited form of relationship" with her fathers.
Mr Justice Cobb, who is based in London, has not identified the teenager in a written ruling. He said she had a 10-year-old sister, also born as a result of donor fertilisation. Both girls lived with their mothers."


  1. The family courts are, as you know, nightmarish. Children are often forced, against their will, to remain in touch with violent men who just happen to have sired them but are no more a father to them than Santa.

  2. The establishment are fighting back against any investigation of paedophilia etc. to protect the guilty. This is just another expression of it.

  3. Judge Lochrane is another pompous and thick arsehole who the Dame smacked around the head. He is gay, single and telling hetero couples how to manage their relationships. The loonies are running the asylum!


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